Yahoo Answers - Company is intolerant to the different people opinions

Posted on Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 at 9:09pm CDT by c1866ed6

Product: Yahoo Answers.

Company: Yahoo Answers

Location: The Y Customer Support 721 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, Ca, 94089, US


Category: Other

I have been using Y!A for a long time. On many occasions they delete asker's question ONLY due to the its administration's liberal profile. They delete a lot of questions with a critic of Mr.Obama or his wife. A lot of users raised this question: Why their question was deleted?

Today was peak of my frustration: a) Y!A never gave me a chance to answer a question about Mr.Obama (I was kicked out while trying to answer), b) the original question was deleted right in front of my eyes as it criticized Mr. Obama.

These biased practices toward the loyal users are really disgusting and unacceptable. The Y!A administration must not be baised and delete questions or comments of the people strictly due to the asker's criticizing the opponents..

Please I urge you to read this post by one of the Y!A's customers.

He speaks a lot tougher than I do. He uses a word nazi-like policy word.


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