Fuddruckers - World's Greatest Hamburger? Not!

Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2008 at 11:37am CDT by 763b9eca

Product: Restaurant

Company: Fuddruckers

Location: 3421 N. Eagle Rd
Meridian, Id, 83646, US

URL: http://Fuddruckers.com/

Category: Other

I had a horrible experience at this restaurant. I came to eat at this location with my family which includes two young children. After I ordered our food and was walking to our table I could hear the manager yelling at his employees in the kitchen. He wasn't just talking in a loud voice, he was screaming obscentities that I cannot repeat here.

I understand the restaurant was busy but our food took a very long time. At least 25 minutes before we got our food. After we got our food the fries were cold, my burger was way overcooked with grease all over the paper in the basket the burger came in. There was no lettuce stocked and no ketchup. The Mountain Dew fountain did not work either. What made matters worse is when I went up to get fresh fries and get my burger redone the manager (he told me his name was "Bob" ) yelled at me saying I orded my burger med-well and that's what it was. He continued to argue with me until finally remaking it.

Instead of handing me the new burger he slammed it down so hard on the counter the burger almost flew out of the basket. At that point I told me wife to take the kids to the car. I asked the manager for a refund but he refused. When I asked for his manager's number he told me he was the top guy and I could go no higher up than him. Words were exchanged and then he threatened to call the police on me. Another group of customers left the restaurant when I did. They were shocked at what they witnessed as was I.

I called the other Boise Fuddruckers and the GM there told me Bob was her friend and he may have been "stern" but in no way did he yell at me or his employees. She refused to give me any other number and told me I needed to deal with Bob to get a refund.

I will never eat another Fuddruckers again. This was the worst experience ever! And their burgers really are not very good. If you are going to advertise that you have the world's greatest burger you better back that up and provide some good customer service along with it!

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c458eec9, 2009-02-26, 11:40AM CST

next time you get a chance do a search of Fuddruckers online and find their Corporate Office file a loud angry complaint with them and demand you get a full refund..that's the only way to deal with asses like "Bob"..also file a complaint against the GM you spoke with at the other Fuddruckers by law they are not allowed to refuse you that info..don't let this go and good luck!

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