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Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2008 at 12:31pm CDT by 6ff3ac41

Product: lab work

Company: Prevea Health

Location: Prevea Health P.O.Box 19070
Green Bay, WI, 54307, US


Category: Other

I had a routine pap and pelvic exam. I have had these exams for years and never had to pay anything for any labs or exam fees. When I got a bill for almost $400 in October I thought this was rather odd. I contacted Prevea and they said that I had had an irregular pap and that they had done additional testing. I asked the billing specialist why I wasn't notified. Stephanie, the billing specialist told me that it is required that they contact the patient before doing any additional testing and that she would look into it. Stephanie called me back a week later and told me that since they had found irregularities that they had been justified in doing the additional testing. I asked her AGAIN why I wasn't notified and she ignored my question. She said the charges will stand even though it is their policy to notify the patient before any additional labs are done. I do not feel that these labs should have been done without both me and my insurance company being notified. I will be pursuing this complaint and will be contacting local newspapers, better business bureau and anyone else who will listen.


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