KTrans Bus Lines - Bus Drivers Stupidity Caused Fatal Accident

Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2008 at 1:14pm CDT by c458eec9

Product: Bus Driver

Company: KTrans Bus Lines

Location: Knoxville, TN, US

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This actually happened in 1989, but I am finding myself just now able to discuss it without breaking out into tears..At the age of 7 I met a Girl who would change my life forever..we became Best friends..for 14 years we laughed, cried and grew up together..she was there for me when my Grandmother died. I was there for her when her Parents divorced! The last time we saw each other was 2 weeks prior to her death at the tender age of 21..we had exchanged Christmas gifts and she had stayed with me for a week while her Hubby was away on business..on 01/18/89 she called to tell me she had great news and was going to call me with her news after she returned from her first day in business college..I heard nothing else all day. I figured she was busy with her school work! Then my Mother knocked on my door and asked for my Friends married name I told her then she asked how old she is I told her 21..I myself was two weeks away from my 21st Birthday! Mother told me to open my door so I dragged myself out of bed..I was sick at the time with the flu..I opened the door and was told by my Mother she believed my Friend..who I had known since age 7 may have been struck by a car...I immediately called her house then I called her Mother and received no answer..all day I worried and fretted, but heard nothing..then early the next day my Friends older Sister called with the news "***** had died"

I later found out she had caught the wrong bus and the driver contacted the other bus driver and they arranged to meet so she could switch buses..what happened next was appalling...my friend was walking across the street when the bus driver from the bus she had just exited honked his horn drawing her attention she stopped and turned around to see what he wanted that is when she was struck by the car..she was thrown 50 feet into the air then landed on the hood and slid off the top of the car and was dragged under the car 150 feet..her Parents were told by several eyewitnesses had the bus driver not honked his horn she would have made it safely to the other side of the street..That bus driver killed ***** wth his negligence..the thing that angers us is it was ruled unvoidable..the Judge, the bus line and the Bus driver just refused to see the facts had he not honked his horn she would still be alive..

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a12be67f, 2009-01-18, 02:29PM CST

As a transit bus operator of over 16 years I constantly have to tell my passengers to not cross in front of the bus. I watch with great concern when people get out of my bus and walk, head down, not even looking and step into the other lane. Just the other day I had a young boy almost get hit by a truck that decided to go around the bus. I saw the truck in the side mirror and could do little more than blow the horn to try to warn him. As it was the driver of the truck apparently heard the horn and swerved missing the boy by a foot. Also there was a teenager that used to get off my bus on a very busy 4 lane street. I always told her to not cross in front of the bus and she always put her head down and walked quickly in front of the bus. Shortly after I had stopped driving that route I saw in the paper one saturday her luck had run out. She had walked in front of the bus and when she stepped into the next lane she was struck by a truck, her head contacting the lower right corner of the windshield. This did not kill her but I have not seen her on the street since the accident. This happened over 2 years ago. I am sorry for the loss of your friend but the fact of the matter is that if you cross in front of a bus you take your own life in your hands.

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