Posted on Sunday, October 5th, 2008 at 1:30pm CDT by d8fc2352

Product: Rued bus driver

Company: mta

Location: US

Category: Other


Yesterday I was in a rush to get home vai the mta bus service my sister and I were waiting for the bus and she had a nine month old baby in the carrige with many bags we were waiting for the bus to come. He shows up and we ask him if we need to fold the carriage he says yes! AND SLAMS THE DOOR IN OUR FACE and begins DRIVING OFF! some very kind young girl was standing near by and whatched the scene she ran after the bus holding it up and letting the guy know how nasty he was and admonoshing him that HIS JOB WAS TO TAKE PEOPLE FROM ONE PLACE TO THE NEXT the driver instead of apologizing pulled to the side and announced that "THIS BUS IS OUT OF SERVICE" and sent us all of my complaint is that in New York woman with babies are being treated like they did some crime why do we allow people with wheel chairs on the bus and not young woman with carriges!? these young babes are the ones that ARE GOING TO BUILD our population and our USA definetly not nasty people and I really want to thank whoever that girl was for sticking up for us and I appologize that no one else on the bus had the dessency to tell the driver he was ever so WRONG!!

though otherwise the service of the MTA is satisfactory

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8a1e1172, 2008-12-02, 04:41PM CST

the b67 to kensington at the middle school 88 comes right away

it waits for the students to get out of middle school 88

the b67 to downtown brooklyn takes a long time to get to 19 street and 7th ave

today 12/2/08 took 20 minutes behing schedule maybe more buses could try to pass

i dont think thats fare

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