High End (HE) Agency - HE Agency, Lewis Zarel

Posted on Saturday, October 4th, 2008 at 4:15pm CDT by f66634f5

Company: High End (HE) Agency

Location: 60 State St
Boston, MA, 02109, US

URL: http://www.heagency.com//

Category: Other

Stay away from LEWIS ZAREL.

He is a fraud and a conman who preys on young professionals in the talent industry. Any person working with him he will lie to and make grandiose statements of the future, his resources, his abilities, his knowledge/experience, and his connections; all of which are untrue and unreliable. He has no money to pay the people who work with him, so after a time he will disappear and change phone numbers (the phone numbers he contacts people on are always "Restricted Numbers" which you cannot call back).

Lewis Zarel, CEO of HE Agency (as well as Talent Packaging, CulturaMusical, MundoNocturno, OASEM, FolkloreLatino, and other fraudulent companies) is a con man out to take your money, and if you are smart you will stay away from him and warn others of his crooked dealings.

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6cc4ac3f, 2008-10-08, 10:27AM CDT

Not only is he a con man he is a COWARD!

There is no HE Agency. There is no physical address or telephone numbers.

Louis who's supposed real name is Louis Leraz or Louis LeRaz.

He hides behind an "800" service so you can never see of get his telephone numbers. Everything about Louis is a


Hey Stephen Micheal Thorton (new music talent) you better change your manager because Louis is ripping you off and many people want his head on a stick including me!!! Hopefully we'll meet again Louis! But of course your a Coward with no B@lls.

I don't hide call Brian M in Massachusetts..And of course you know who I am...

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