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Posted on Saturday, October 4th, 2008 at 1:17pm CDT by fe9a140d

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I bought a ticket for my son through and my son had the worst time in traveling,first of all the egypt airlines flight from Beirut to Egypt was at 12.45Pm they changed the time to 9 Pm so he had to wait at airport from 10Am to 9PM,then at Cairo airport he waited about 18 hours and he had a lot of bad time there because of not caring for his cheked in luggage ,he had to search for them and take his bags by himself to the right place and made him pay 150 Euros for travel changes,they told him that he has to contact ticket provider for these problems,I contacted Cheaptickets customer services and they said that they might not be able to do anything but they'll try?this was the first and last time that i purchase a ticket thru Cheaptickets and i will make sure to tell everyone about his ordeal because it was really a hell time and no one can explain it but himself ,so here i am writing so everyone knows what to expect at some Airports,


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7d3d1ed2, 2008-11-11, 06:54PM CST

i took an egypt air flight from beirut to NYC through cairo. We had ~ 13 hours wait in cairo so we were supposed to stay at a hotel. Here is the great service: First they said there are no hotel rooms available in Cairo and we had to wait in the airport. After 2 hours they said that I can only have a room if im willing to share it with 3 other people, on top of that in a very rude manner. Now for sure I didnt take the room, went out in Cairo myself and found a room in the first hotel i visited, and trust me there were many available. Will never travel Egypt air again, will never get close to egypt again. I wonder how they let them into star alliance.

4be93621, 2008-12-24, 09:46PM CST

What ever you do, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF FLYING WITH EGYPT AIR. No only is their staff incompetent and illiterate, but they are extremely unprofessional.

I had reserved a departing flight for my mom and had a confirmation number that specifically stated "RESERVED AND GUARTENTEED". They claimed that her ticket was not registered in their system because my confirmation was electronic. WHAT TYPE OF B.S. STORY IS THAT? The ticket agent was a space cadet-The supervisor ignored us and was talking on his cell phone and using his Bluetooth as if he was trading stock-the manager was as arrogant and ignorant as they come. They claimed that she had to pay an extra $450.00. NOTHING SHORT FROM HIGHWAY ROBBERY. When I called their offices, the operated refused to give me the director??s name in their executive office; she placed me on terminal hold and later stopped answering the phone. I am thinking of starting a class action lawsuit against their ticket fraud operations and overbooking. Did I mention that half their staff doesn't understand ENGLISH?

f2d59763, 2010-06-13, 04:24AM CDT

I have an egypt air 2-way ticket from manila-tripoli and vice versa. i used the ticket from manila to tripoli. but i lost my e-ticket when i was in tripoli already. so i went directly to egypt air ticketting office to ask for another e-ticket return to manila. but they informed me that the return ticket was cancelled for some reason it was used already. i ask my recruitment agency regarding this matter, and they said they have nothing to do with it. it cost me 696 us dollars for a new ticket. they ripped me off. so the next time you fly with egypt ait, don't you ever loss your e-ticket. or else you have to buy a new one. this is their scheme to get more revenues.

i have no idea on how to file charges against them. how on earth did egypt air got approval for membership from star alliance?

2e073300, 2012-04-24, 03:19AM CDT

l am a regular traveller with egypt air and l bought a round ticket from guangzhou to Accra and on my return date l changed it to another date which l thought is better for me and to my surprise the sellar at the head office of the egypt airline in Accra was asking of 1000dollars extra before l can get the ticket for the date l intended travelling which is unbelievable. Infact l left and came another time he said ok he can get me a ticket if l really want to go at the date l want to but will have to pay 800dollars this time in addition to the return ticket l got.Wow this is ridiculous, so in an attempt to look a little radical a security man came in to assist me by introducing me to another Ticket agent and he said he can only take me 500 dollars in addition to the return so that l can leave at the date l intended to. Well l managed to pay for the money and he actually did the ticket and l went to the airport to board the flight they said they will not board me because that money have to be shared with them and that the agent who helped me with the ticket can not take all and even the money that he charged was very low. infact l went through stress and frustrations.Then at the airport the flight manager assisted me and authorised the sallers at the main office to get me the ticket which they did with the same amount and they asked me to go back to the agent to take that 500dollars from him to them.


Expecially, when there is canton fair going on in china and where flyers are in need of ticket. they will claim there is not ticket and then they will give their number to the customers promising tham that they will call them when they are able to get one then they will call and tell them they find one but the price is a little higher do you like it,once the customer want to go of cause he or she will say yes then later they share the difference. in otherwards they know that the airline is not for them and they take salary if people boarded or not. so l am telling the top managements board to cross check and take action immidiately before it get out of hand

Thanks. l can provide some numbers of the workers there who are enginear of this corruption. if needed.l will give u more information later

Bahlul E., 2012-10-22, 09:09AM CDT

I am a member of Egyptair Plus program holding Golden card number 4000974622. I approached Egyptair's office in Tripoli Libya asking about the possibility of issuing my wife and myself tickets from Tripoli to West Virgenia, USA. I was told by a lady at the office that In order to use the miles on my golden card I have to travell on Egyptair only. This means taking a flight from Tripoli Libya to Cairo then to New York and have pay for the tickets to WV.

I told her that this is against Stare Alliance rules and upon her insistence I asked her to find out from Cairo about the possibilities.

I went back to see the office director and after some discussions he agreed to ask for the permission to issue us tickets on Lufthansa as requested. After he informed me about Egypt air approval we were not able to find the needed seats on flights I choose so I decided to buy the tickets.

To my surprise I found that Egyptair has deducted 95500 points from my account for tickets to my wife and my self which I did not approve and were not issued to me. Giving them the benefit of the doubt I complained to the Director of the office in Tripoli and send them so many messages via the site of Egyptair Plus but no answer. I believe strongly that some body is covering for a mistake which a colleague of his or her has made.

It became very frustrating to me.

Dr Bahlul Eliagoubi

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