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Posted on Thursday, October 30th, 2008 at 10:53pm CDT by 1e0e2404


Company: Burger King

Location: Burger King Store # 4982 or the Burger King Corporation 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, Florida 33126
North Lauderrdale, Fl, 33068, US

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ive been in food industry and we are practicing good customer service.im not the kind of person that complains but the service is extremely terrible.

everytime we go to this store. i dont think they really practice their restaurant policy and customer service. her name was sam J.

just like what happened tonight, i drove up to the drive-thru, the girl in the intercom, said "whats's your order?". i dont think its the right way of greeting your customer. anyway, i gave her my order. den she asked "that's it?" then i said "yes". then i drove up to the window. then she told me the price and asked her to repeat herself. then she made a comment that im on her time with an attitude.

after we pay, she handed our food. but we need to go back because she forgot to give us our drink. she gave it to us and she didnt say anything. our fries was cold and dry. it is not the first time we expererince this kind of service but we are concern on how they affect other people and we should make a move about it.


a7c8c041, 2010-09-05, 08:55PM CDT

It wasn't the first time that I visited this 11904 Burger King restaurant located at 39-20 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11354. Every time I go there, they always charge the price for the large size meal while I order the small or regular size meal. When I told them it was the small / regular size meal that I wanted, they were not happy and said it was only a few cents extra. They gave me the attitude and a contempt look. I also realized that all the people in the whole restaurant were having the large size meal. This is really unusual. The BK staffs and even the manager were trying to charge customers more money by giving them large size meal. This is really not the way to do business.

b3f5fb4c, 2010-10-07, 01:59PM CDT

I work at Bk for the District Magnar has no respect for employees and I am speaking out cuase Ive had enough of his comments and barking out orders he may no who this is not revealing my name because I think it needs to be said. I hate my job and want to change its not enjoyable anymore

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