AIR TRAVEL - Baggage Loss

Posted on Thursday, October 30th, 2008 at 3:16am CDT by a2be2558

Product: Malaysian Air Lines


Location: ID

Category: Other

Malasian Airline ref. AHL file No. MESMH15138

Malaysian Airline

JL. Imam Bonjol No.17

Hotel Dahanu Toba

Medan -20151

Ref: Baggage Claim- Declared Loss

MH101/18july/MH860/19 jul DEL/KUL/MES

I traveled in Malaysian airline from Delhi/India to Medan/Indonesia.I booked 5 pieces of Baggage with airline. On reaching Medan I found one bag missing.

Malaysian Air line staff intelligence starts from Delhi Airport where they booked 80 kg/5pcs baggage by printing on the tag sheet against actual 94 KG of total weight for the four tickets. Now when I want to claim against the lost baggage they are saying that I can only get for the balance 7 KG @ 20 USD as the 4 baggage is weighing 73 KG.

No proof with me!!! But the material in the baggage is many time more expensive than the compensation

With great regret and anguish I can say my baggage was lost because of carelessness and negative attitude of Malaysian airline staff. It seems that Malaysian airline staff is least bothered about my loss and want to settle the claim by giving me compensation.

My baggage is my right; I will get it back???


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c13fa714, 2010-08-19, 08:17PM CDT

yeah that is your right... don't let them give you compensation for that.. malaysian airlines is very IRRESPONSIBLE in handling baggage... mine, is also lost last august 13, 2010 and until now can not be found.. all my important documents are there... there are a piece of F***k S**t hole!!

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