Metro Market - WARNING: Steer clear of iKitchen, Kitchen and Home Concepts, The Dotcom Project, AND MANY OTHER ALIASES

Posted on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 at 12:41pm CDT by 52c89444

Product: Hoover GUV Garage Utility Vac L2310

Company: Metro Market

Location: PO Box 230174
Brooklyn, NY, 11223, US


Category: Other

WOW these guys are the worst of the worst. They barely try to conceal the fact they are scammers. We all have enough stress and worries in our lives. Do a simple Google search and find HUNDREDS of consumer complaints that all pretty much read the same: Its been two months and they never delivered the item I paid for, never answer emails or calls (if you can even find a phone number to call). Some people have reported receiving their package.....3 months later after endless haggling...and it turns out to be a damaged and/or refurbished product when they advertised new. Canceling an order or getting a refund is impossible without asking a third party to intervene (Paypal, credit card company, etc). Don't fall for this one folks, I guarantee you will be sorry. These guys have several names, all the same company METRO MARKET.


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