Ashley Furniture - Ashley Furniture Huntsville/B'ham AL

Posted on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 at 6:07am CDT by c0268621

Product: Office furniture

Company: Ashley Furniture

Location: Birmingham, AL, 35244, US

URL: /

Category: Other

Please, please never ever think about actually purchasing any furniture from Ashley Furniture Stores, specifically the stores in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama.

My first hint should have been that my sales person warned me of the delivery, installation, and "customer service" process, should there be any issues with the 'final' delivery of my purchase. Alas, I forged ahead; convinced I would not be "one of those customers."

That was on August 1st. It is now October 27th (and counting) and I am still not finished with my saga. Rather than bore you with all of the specific details of my plight I will simply say this: Ashley Furniture lies and has maliciously deceitful business practices. They clearly do not have principles under which they operate and the term Code of Ethics is clearly a foreign concept to them. I have been intentionally and maliciously lied to no fewer than five (5) times (and counting) from the store level, corporate level, and regional level and management employees. These same employees have also attempted to convince my spouse that I was actually the one lying about credits and "compensation" I was promised as a result of my horrible delivery experience at Ashley Furniture. With every passing interaction with Ashley Furniture I continue to be utterly and completely amazed and dumbfounded and the lack of integrity, ethics, and values any single employee at Ashley Furniture has. I am completely amazed they are still in business and still find customers to torture. What is more, I sent a letter (FedEx) to the CEO of the company and have yet to get a response from him. It is clear, in my mind that the sub-standard business practices, ethics, morals, and values start at the top - with not even their CEO caring and/or responding to a customer who took the time to send him a letter, regarding their horrific buying experience. Absolutely unbelievable in the year 2008.

My 'simple' purchase has turned into a maliciously unethical consumer experience and is still not close to being resolved. If you are considering buying furniture go anywhere other than Ashley Furniture - anywhere. If you have the talent, I recommend whittling your own furniture - I can PROMISE you, it will look better, you will have it in less than 3 months (and counting) and you will save yourself hours upon hours of debating and defending your position as "the customer"


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