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bus driver claudia brown argues with students while transporting students to school early morning october 13, threating to throw a student off bus by stoping bus and reaching to open door telling student to get his ass off her bus.the arguement or anything about the entire incident was not reported to school staff or first student bus system. i am that students mother,and had no knowledge of the incident until i received an emergency call from my middle school child saying the bus driver would not let him on the bus that very same day when busses arrived to pick students back up,the bus driver claudia brown then left my child at the school to find a ride home for himself not a single school staff member or personel was aware he was left behind at school until i arrived to pick up my child. when i got to the school, i then went to the school office and told them what happened..,they were astounded! my child informed me and the school about the argument on the bus with the driver,but we agreed did not merit the driver leaving a child at school without the process of a referal or notification to the school so that the parents can be notified or until the administrator of school can look into the disaplinary action deserved. the school office immeaditly searched for anything in their office and no one knew of anything,no referral was in the office. that evening when i arrived home with my child , i tried several times to make contact with first student to no avail. the very next morning i drove my child to school and talked to office staff after classes started.still no one knew anything but mrs jennifer gray stated she was calling first student and sending an e-mail as to why the bus driver did not follow proceedures to notify anyone at landmark middle school. soon i left after a brief discusion with mrs gray. later i also called first student @ 854-9800 and told them that a bus driver for landmark school left my child at school to find a way home and did not notify a single person or much less write a referal to notify any adult what or why she would not let him on the bus. she stated the she would contact the driver and tell her she has to follow the procedure tha she cant just leave a student at school and she cant just stop and put a child off the bus. but i explained that she had already endangered the student by leaving him at school without notifying someone! the person told me again that they would inform her the procedures. this did not satify me nor did it solve the i called back again and they said they will have the bus driver call me, but i waited all day and she never called. it was later that afternoon approx 4pm oct. the 14 the principle dr henry called and said he just received a referal from the bus driver claudia brown that my child said he was going to shoot her and that he is not allowed to ride her bus. it was strange that even with the little investigation the administrater done and myself not a single student or anyone but the bus driver had even mentioned a single word like this was said 'and something of this nature being said should have been adressed immeaditly not the next day at 4pm . the principle expressed his concern and said something just does not smell right"his words". dr henry called for an investigation rightaway and set up a meeting. the meeting was to be at 1:15 on thursday the 16, no one from first student showed up, the meeting was then rescheduled as i insisted. nothing was being resolved no one informed us that they would not be at the meeting thursday so we had to re schedule. i continued to make arrangements for my child to get to school and home during this time. during the week i continued to gather information and made repeated calls to first student but was not getting return calls and felt as if i were being avoided even on one conversation with first student they hung up the phone on me and would not give me the bus drivers name. finally another meeting was scheduled for the following friday oct 24 at 10:00. Dr henry the principle, was present, the 8 grade house administrator mrs grey , myself also a mrs deseray grant,school bus cordinator, a lori sluth from first student as well as the bus driver claudia brown. it was determined by my self, the students written statements,the principle and mrs gray that the bus driver told a bold face lie on the referal, she argued with students on the bus by her own admission which she was repremanded by desaray grant, she did not follow proper procedures, did not notify any staff of the incident until the next day, she left a student at school without notification, the first student lori sluth tried to defend the bus driver and stated that this did not merit any termination for the bus driver and was not recomending any suspension. i insisted that she as an adult made a terrible acusation on a student that was very serious and if it should have been taken at that and not 24hrs. later, the integrity of her actions from the begining was not there to believe. i expressed i would not allow my child to ride her bus even if he were allowed and a person like her jeopardizes the safety of all children by not acting responsibly. After everything was said and done i agreed that the bus driver must be moved to another route so that my son can ride the regular bus to our neighborhood. for further questions please call 904-465-4786 or email me at [email protected]


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fb6b5791, 2010-05-18, 12:19PM CDT

Your kid probably deserved getting thrown off the bus. You people think your kids are angels. Thank god they have put cameras on the busses now to show what a little shit your kid is behaving like. do your job, and raise your own goddamn kid!

b4ae39da, 2011-09-17, 06:14AM CDT

thursday 15th my daughter was subject to a reckless driving bus driver that I followed and she refused to let my child off the bus and was arguing she. wasnt let my child off "the bus when I ask her to at her bus stop I dont kno what was wrong with. her I called the police to get my child off bus she was taken off her bus but I want to file a reckless driving and endangering my child suit against her well first students for hiring her my child and all the kids on the bus was crying up she went crazy I need help with how to do file it

tkeya d., 2012-09-10, 05:21PM CDT

First student is unprofessional and careless with our children. They do not answer the phone, do not return phone calls or follow up on issues with drivers or routes. My 5 year old was dropped off at the wrong stop in the rain alone (which is against company policy and common sense) Another child 6 year old girl was dropped of at the wrong stop (at my sons stop) without her parent or designated adult there, she was crying and telling the bus driver as he urged her to "get off!" that that was not her stop. I had to call first student dispatch and have the bus driver return and get her and take her back to her stop.. This school year the driver brings our children about an hour past the scheduled drop off time every day with no explanation! When the bus pulls up we can hear him yelling and screaming at the kids "shut up" "sit your butts in your chair!" "I get overtime so I WILL pull this bus over!!". I have called more than 15 times since school started, I emailed twice, I left about 5 voicemails and twice I talked to a live person and left the situation and my number for a call back. no call back, nothing done

Robert Allyn L., 2012-09-11, 11:20AM CDT

A perspective from a former school bus driver.

As funding has decreased, driver athority on the bus has been erroded and support for the driver has dried up any hope of maintaining a safe enviroment on the school bus has disapeared.

When I started driving in 1981 the driver had the power to suspend a student from the bus for up to 3 days without refrence to management or the school board. This was the last year for this power.

The following year we had to apply to the school board to do any suspensions. As this was before in-expensive TV cameras there was only one case in a company running 150 busses where a child was off the bus on suspension. This was because he assaulted a smaller child requiring an ambulance and police attendance to the scene. The drive was "written up" as she was more than 10 minutes late and should not have allowed the situation to get that far out of control.

In 1986 I quit because of the absolute feeling of powerlessness.

My friends in the industry tell me it has only gotten worse. Parents will not allow any type of inconveniance to themselves and will rase Cain any time a child is singled out for any disiplnary measure. This leads to busses full of bullies and violence, the drivers a distracted and punished for loosing control of the students. To make it even better in some places the bus operator is not allowed to put in a camera unless an outside complaint or there is evidence of vandalisum, the driver can't request one as it could infringe on the students rights.

Funding is not available for cameras or the operation. And asking for some is useless as many parents don't want to know how their little ones actually behave and have to deal with what they are doing.

In short if you are going to whine about your bus driver, try it yourself.

Ann M., 2012-11-13, 09:34AM CST

I would love to see an investigation into First Student Bus Company in Hancock county. This school bus company needs to be replaced with a company that can manage their employees and our children. While several of the drivers are doing their absolute best and going out of their way to be helpful, it does not make up for a completely incompetent company whining that they cannot find drivers while hiring unacceptable substitute drivers. Their contract needs to be terminated and replaced with a responsible company company that can comply with the terms of their contract. When ever there are corporate issues, you can generally follow the money trail to find out what is going on. So where is the extra money going not being paid out in driver salaries? A good guess would be First Student's bottom line while the children and parents suffer. It should be refunded to the Schools/Taxes since they are not meeting the terms of their contracts. Here is an example of the last few days, although I have been calling for weeks and begging for reasonable help: > 30 minutes in the wicked cold this morning with no bus > 45 minutes Friday morning with no bus (so we walked on busy roads with heavy traffic (daughter covered in mud by the time we arrived) > Friday afternoon 45 minutes after panic when my daughter did not get off the bus with the other children on our street and First Student told me not to worry, ?I?m sure she will be on another bus?! WHO would just wait on the side of the street if they didn?t know where their 6 year old child was? > Our pickup times vary by 45 minutes daily, and our delivery times are the same up to an hour of variation. >And, here's the KICKER, several weeks ago a substitute bus driver slammed on the brakes [on purpose] throwing kids into the isles and slamming others into the metal bars on the seats in front? because 1 child did not sit up straight in his seat after being told. A little extreme, maybe this driver has anger issues and shouldn?t be driving our children. So, is this company taking anyone and accepting substandard and unacceptable drivers for our children because they cannot maintain a staff? What is going on here? Weeks of phone calls to first Student, talking to drivers and pleading for reasonable time frames for pickups and drop-offs have produced no results, it has actually gotten worse to no pickups at all after waiting in the cold for long periods. Please SIGN THE PETITION that will be circulating for First Student to be Replaced!

nick b., 2014-02-06, 12:13PM CST

First Student is the worst. In Western New York state the older buses they run have so much corrosion, and have exhaust smoke so bad I would be afraid to put my children on them. After talking to the manager at one of the terminals I was told there hands are tied because the

New York RMM will not address any issues unless it involves the bigger city contacts. sounded like the RMM could care less about the children and only cares if he looks good when the budget figures come in. I was also told that if you report safety issues or refuse to repair a bus due to safety issues you lose your job.

josua k., 2014-05-28, 05:32PM CDT

My first graders bus stop is a grow shop and very un safe. I was told I had to go to the grow shop to get and drop my child. I tried to change it to the one closer and safer. And I was told NO GO TO THE SMOKE SHOP ..for your first grader by Paul at First Student (401)944-5880 I told him about the marijuana grow shop and he says so what oher children are there ..lmao Than I was trying to tell him thay put up a fence so the kids are on a foot wide side walk he than hung up on me

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