Honda Cars of Katy - Selling used cars as new?

Posted on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 at 11:09am CDT by 0d58b2e0

Product: Honda

Company: Honda Cars of Katy

Location: 21001 Katy Freeway,
KATY, TX, 77450, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I purchased an Accord from this dealership in June. I was told that Honda had coordinated with XM radio and that there would be 3 months of free XM service as a promotion with purchase. A month and a half after I bought the car, the XM shut off. I called the dealership but they could not explain why. At the beginning of October my wife looked into purchasing a subscription package for the car's unique radio ID. In the course of doing this she uncovered that another individual was registered with this radio ID for the 90 day free trial and could see her information online (name, address, phone, etc.). My wife spoke with XM about this on the phone and learned this other person had the 3 months trial activated for that unique ID sometime in May, 6 weeks or so before we bought the car. We've been trying to work with the dealer to determine what happened. Had someone else bought it and returned it? I have previously been the victim of identity theft and this left me feeling uneasy. After several separate communications the dealership verbally assured me over the phone that they had documentation showing that the car and the radio ID had not previously belonged to someone else. They also promised to provide me that documentation but have yet to deliver on that promise. Phone calls and emails yield further promises from them that they will send me by the "end of the day" the requested proof that my car was not previously sold and returned. They've made this promise to me several times now but have not done so. I have not heard from them in over a week and they refuse to respond to any further emails. What I view as their purposeful failure to provide me with the promised proof that the car was indeed "new" leaves me now not only concerned that I may have been defrauded by this dealer by them selling me a used car as "new", but I am still at risk for my personal information being publicly exposed.


944d00d8, 2008-10-28, 02:49PM CDT

Use CARFAX to determine if your car was purchased before. Its $20. Worth the aggravation.

50db7818, 2010-03-04, 11:58AM CST

Katy Honda is not responsible for what they tell you, I bought a car (used) and they offer me an extended warranty in which the ladie (asian) told me that if I did not use the warranty for the 2 years (warranty expiration), I'll get my money back, which I even asked several times if that was true, because usually the extended warranty don't work like that; but she told me that this warranty was different, so I got my extended warranty for $1100, so after 2 years I went back to get my money back, but they said i had to cancelled within 30 days. So I told them all this, and of course they said "sorry about that", that was it... that's just not right, if you want to sell a product, DO NOT LIE TO CUSTOMERS!!!! BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THESE DEALER!!!

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