1st for Women - Poor Service

Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2008 at 7:54am CDT by ed6c3f80

Company: 1st for Women

Location: Insurance, ZA

Category: Other

on the 30th of August 2008, criminals broke into my house and stole my plasma and speakers. i immediately notify my insurance about the incidence. they asked me for proof of goods, i told Sithee Naidoo that my plasma was a gift from my ex-boyfriend and i dont have the slip for it and the speakers i bought them about 4 years ago. Sithee told me she is not going to pay for the plasma but would replace the speakers, i was not happy with the situation and told her that why is she not paying for the plasma because i didnt submit slips for both goods. she told me that she will refer the matter to her manager. her manager told me that there was a black lady who tried to fraud the company as well in couple of days back. i asked her if she meants that because i am black i am frauding the company? she couldnt answer me... i told her that i am not happy with her answer and would like my attorney to handle the matter. Sithee went ahead and replaced my speakers. i asked Sithee for the letter stating that the company is not replacing my plasma, till today i still havent received the letter from the company. i have sent Sithee Naidoo several emails but with no responce, last time i spoke to her she adviced that admin department will send me the letter not her.


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