Mosely's Movements - Backing out of a community service project!

Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2008 at 10:59am CDT by 93c84bac

Product: Patrick Mosely

Company: Mosely's Movements

Location: 2727 W. 70th Street


Category: Society, Culture

I am the organizer of a community event called the Shreveport Zombie Walk. People come dressed as zombies and bring non-perishable food for the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana. The week before the event, I was contact by a very nice lady (with whom I have no complaint with) who was representing a group from Mosely's Movements who wanted to come out and do the "Thriller" dance during the food drive for entertainment. I was led to believe that they would be bringing everything they needed to do this, and if they needed electricity, we could run an extension cord from the mall. When Patrick Mosely arrived to the event, he was very rude and upset. He kept complaining about not getting enough publicity and exposure, and saying we were very unorganized because we didn't provide a DJ or stereo system. Keep in mind I was told they would be bringing everything they needed, even a generator if there was no electricity. Not only was he rude to me, he spoke to someone on his phone in front of people who could hear him, and said that he "had better things to do with his time." After talking to him and thinking we had it straightened out, he left to "go get his supplies." I had a funny feeling he wasn't coming back. Not too long after that, he had someone else, one of his dancers, come let me know they were not going to perform. He, in my opinion, only wanted this as a publicity stunt, and seeing that only the 150 people at the food drive would be watching, decided that it wasn't worth his time and at the last minute, skipped out on a charity event and wasn't even good enough to come tell me himself, but send someone else. I don't know Patrick personally, but I got the vibe that he was very vain and narcissistic about the whole thing, and didn't care that this was for a good cause, he just wanted publicity that we were not (in his eyes) on a high profile enough level to give him! After announcing to everyone in attendance that the scheduled dance wasn't going to take place, we all rallied together and moved on, knowing that we were all there for the right reasons! The sad thing is, this is bad publicity for his business. There were actually a lot of people there, including my witnesses who are prominent in the community, the media, and people from the Food Bank who heard the whole ordeal. Mr. Mosely has marred his business in the eyes of the over 150 people there, and Shreveport is a small town where everyone knows everyone, so the word will definitely get out!


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