Virgin Megastore - No writing in the store?

Posted on Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at 11:36am CDT by 11d0bde8

Product: Employee

Company: Virgin Megastore

Location: Beirut, Lebanon ABC Achrafieh

Category: Other

Apparently, writing is not allowed at Virgin Megastore. I was writing the prices of ipod (8 gegabite nano, 16 gegabite nano, shuffle, etc) for my boyfriend's brother (who wasn't with us) and the prices of different memory external hard-disks for myself, when a security guard walks up to me and says that wrting prices is not allowed, and its a Virgin policy. And he took away my paper.

Virgin's website says that its stands for a "sense of competitive challenge." What kind of ompetition is this that forbids customers from writing prices to compare to those of the competitors?


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