American express - Dont trust American Express

Posted on Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 2:56pm CDT by c59f94a4

Product: American express credit card

Company: American express

Location: US

Category: Other

Warning! amex will with no reason, justification or cause take away your credit limits and destroy your credit score! They are currently gutting loyal clients credit lines, and destroying good honest peoples credit scores! By destroying the credit score they are single handed making the credit crisis much worse. By destroying my score, they just caused a loan to my business to be declined and caused it to close, putting several out of work. DONT TRUST YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE TO AMEX> They dont care about their customers and have no loyalty, even to customers of over 20 years! With so many good credit card companies like Chase, B of A etc.. dont let amex screw you like they just did me.


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