Excalibur Towing - Excalibur Towing is Crooked

Posted on Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 at 12:48am CDT by 48bd861a

Product: Tow Company

Company: Excalibur Towing

Arlington, TX, 76015, US

Category: Other

Excalibur Towing (AKA: Merlin Transport Corp.) is a crooked tow company. They illegally tow your car. The Thugs they have working their yard threaten you and refuse to give you any information about your vehicle.

They need to be put out of business !


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b3eafff9, 2009-02-22, 08:45AM CST

I had a similar situation with excalibur towing company in Florida. I was able to get a resolution by filing a small claims lawsuit in your residential county. The circuit county court should have a simple form you fill out. You are entitled to file in your county so the towing company may have to travel to resolve. Good Luck

d1f2b9c5, 2009-07-13, 02:56AM CDT

I am all for bringing these crooks down. I have witnessed them doing unbelievable things to the residents vehicles in my apartment complex and without a doubt they eventually made the mistake and towed my mothers car (who is a valid resident of the complex) and I will be taking them to court. Make sure to record the conversations you have with them or you will truly be full of anger at them and yourselves there after.

f3f7b552, 2010-08-11, 03:46AM CDT

they are soo rude i really wana take them to court but after they took my car i was soo PI**T i just dont have enough eveidance but i will teach the guy a lesson first... then i will take them out of bussiness thata is my goal i will go knock on every door on my apertment and ask every one if they hav a car that dose not have a sticker and if they dont i will imeaditly help them get one so when the exclibur towing people comes to check they woun tow any car and the apertment wount me need them any more i just hate the way they treter me and i really think its a buncha B. S. it just to make miney and rip people off there service is not good at all

f8c695ee, 2010-12-10, 05:04PM CST

It happended to me too. Not just that I had to pay $251.30 for the fee but they have no civil manner.

8e2e130d, 2011-10-05, 10:35AM CDT

They towed two of my vehicles from my apartment. The first car had apartment stickers. They went into the car at took tag off. The second vehicle I parked in visitor, they said its a three day rule for parking in a spot for 72 hours, but I work and have a lot of errands, so there is no way the can assume the car hasnt moved. They couldnt reference where the three day law comes from. And the staff were very rude. The place where the car was towed is a gated storage, 7 other towing companies collect vehicles there too. So there is a racketeering ring of tow companies stealing cars.Check website that states they have a program that gives notice.I have no notice, apartment staff have no notice.Somebody has it out bad for innocent families money.

Mari R., 2014-07-01, 09:59AM CDT

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I can not stand this Nick Massy and his people!

Please write to me if you want to put this company(s) of CROOKS out of business!

I have fought them in a two hearing a and $1000 car damages and I won. I have writing to TDLR and I am I will be going forward to Austin to put them out and revoke their business License.

If you need help, contact me on m.rabi at outlook dotcom. DO NOT let these people scam you FIGHT intelligently-

Regards to you all- MR.

reki therogue, 2015-08-07, 07:01PM CDT

This company was just taken to court and a judgment was found for numerous victims of illegal tow practices. The TDLR is pushing for ~$92k in damages and licensing suspensions.


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