HP - Problems with my HP Digital camera, lousy customer service, always offline

Posted on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 at 4:45pm CDT by 965e6443

Product: HP Photosmart R740 series

Company: HP

Location: Hidalgo, TX, US

URL: http://www.hp.com

Category: Other

About a year ago I purchased an HP Photosmart Digital camera. For the first several months I was very happy with my camera & its superb image quality.

It recently had a lens malfunction and when I called Tech Support I was told to ship the camera to their manufacturer. I shipped the defective unit to them back at the beginning of October. It was bad enough that I had to shell out over $30 just to send it to them, but little did I know I was in for much worse.

Last week I tried to call the HP Support line to check up on the status of my camera. After going thru that ever-so-frustrating "voice recognition" nonsense, I was finally routed to the proper area where I remained on hold for almost two hours after which I hung up in frustration.

So I tried to access whatever information I could through the website only to read a page which stated "Our records are currently offline. Please try again later."

The next day I tried calling back, only to wait 3 hours. Again I was forced to hang up after such a wait. Once again I went to the website, only to receive the same damn message. "Our records are currently offline. Please try again later."

After a 30 minute wait I was finally able to get thru to a live person with a think Indian accent whom I had to repeat my information at least 3 times. She then told me "I'm sorry, our systems are down & there's nothing we can do. Please try again tomorrow." I was LIVID.

This has been going on for over 5 days now. This is inexcusable! Is THIS what HP thinks of their customers? I vow to never purchase another HP product ever again.


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