Stubhub - StubHub ripoff

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 1:15pm CDT by 72dfa2bc

Product: Tickets

Company: Stubhub

Location: US


Category: Other

I placed an order to buy parking passes Saturday 10/18 for the Giants game 10/19. When I received the email that they received the order and the seller had 48 hours to confirm I immediately called Stubhub concerned that I would not have my parking pass. They told me to wait a few hours to see if it gets confirmed. I called back after NOT receiving a confirmation after about 3 hours and the customer service representative said to me that he WOULD cancel the order. At that point I was no longer concerned with the order until after the game I got home and checked my email and see an order confirmation that was received after midnight. I call Stubhub on Monday to see what happened and the representative tells me that the cancellations was denied. I wasn't told that they were putting in a request to cancel the order but that they would cancel the order. The representative told me there was nothing they could do so I asked to speak to a manager, no manager was in

at the time so I had to call back. After walking another representative through the whole process again they tell me that a manager would call me back. They did NOT. I call again on Tuesday and am put on hold and then hung up on. I call back and then am put on hold for over 30 minutes when finally a supervising manager named Nick comes on the phone. He was not accomodating in the least bit. He got loud with me and told me all he can do was to refund my shipping cost of $15 our of the $108 that I spent. He said that they would deal with the representative that misinformed me internally but there was nothing else he can do for me.


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