PNC Bank - PNC Bank is stealing our home

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 2:50pm CDT by 7920512e

Product: Home equity line

Company: PNC Bank

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US


Category: Other

my husband and I decided that we would like to refinance our home in 2005. PNC offered a great rate and we thought lets give it a go. BIG MISTAKE!!! first off our loan officer quit in the middle of the loan process, then they lost the loan application. when it was all said and done instead of rolling our truck and home together in 1 morgage they drew them up as 2 seperate loans and now we have 2 liens on our home. Last year after some set backs we got behind on our morgage. fast forward to 2008 we recieved a letter from PNC that they were forclosing on our home. I called the loan center which is now called CLC and was told "oh sorry it was a mistake it should have never happened". OK the forclosure was pulled and we went on about our lives... Until 2 weeks ago when we recieved another letter that they were forclosing AGAIN!!! this time I called and spoke to yet another rep and was told "sorry my manager never got the e-mail I'll stop the proceedings" I then asked for something in writing. ok sure I was told call tomorrow with the fax number and we will get it out to you. I called the next day and was told that he took our acct. to his supervisor I was told that they can do a beeter loan for us and we would need to send some finanical info to them and they can get started. Ok yea someone to help us. NO!!! here it 2 weeks later I have not gotten our written statement that the 2 forclosure was a mistake and now we are being told that we have to pay all the lawyer fees of said forclosure before they will refinance. Now we would have no problem paying these fees if they were our fault, but each time I called on a recorded PNC line I was told that they had made the mistake not us. I was told yesterday that a supervisor would called me to discuss this but I still have not heard anything. I called a housing counseler and was told we have a case if we want to file a complaint with the banking commission. I called yesterday and was give another number because PNC is a national bank. all said and done I filed the complaint they were happy to take the complaint by the way and still no call from PNC supervisor


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5af7e705, 2008-11-08, 11:21PM CST

Perhaps if you simply made your mortgage payments, rather than relying on PNC to fix YOUR financial problems, you would be less "ticked" off at PNC, and accepting that they are even working with you in the first place. Bottom line, nobody gets a foreclosure letter if they make their mortgage payments, and when they don't, the bank (e.g. investors) are not obligated to make special arrangements.

PNC is hardly stealing a home you are not paying for... Gee, when will people take responsibility for their own decisions and actions...

debc7d84, 2008-11-12, 08:15PM CST

Did you ever consider paying your mortgage in the first place? You promised PNC that you would pay your payments, and you did not keep your promise. Now you want PNC to hold your hand and do you favors? No one is stealing you home... you just cannot manage your own money. They should foreclose if you did not pay your note as promised. PNC is far from stealing your home... quit blaming them and take a look at how you got into this mess in the first place.

ce5f743c, 2009-10-29, 02:38PM CDT

Exactly, make your payments on time and nobody can take your home away !! what you're talking about, why do you blame them if you're broke and made bigger plans that you cannot afford !!

49ac5f7d, 2010-06-24, 03:57PM CDT

Here in Nj they sold my equity loan to a Wallstreet firm who wants the loan paid in full, foreclosure notice on three occasions, and now facing eviction, I never received any notice from PNC that mortgage had been moved now will be facing long legal action, dont wait get a lawyer before they jerk you around to. The new mortgage holder is just as useless, it took me four months of research to find out any info on them and their lawyer had nothing...So dont wait for PNC file complaints and sue the pants off of them.

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