Michael's Town & Country Limousine (aka Country Limousine) - Beware of Michael's Town & Country Limousine aka Country Limousine

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 2:16pm CDT by 9c156145

Product: Town Car airport shuttle

Company: Michael's Town & Country Limousine (aka Country Limousine)

Location: 4 Split Rock Ct.
Melville, Ne, 11747, US

Category: Other

Beware of Michael's Town & Country Limousine Service in Melville, Long Island, NY (aka Country Limousine Service). I called and asked for a round-trip price quote to JFK airport and mentioned that I was comparing the price to a shared-ride van shuttle service. I was told the price was $75. I asked if this included the gratuity and was told NO. This price was within $20 of the round-trip shared-ride service, so my wife and I decided to use T&C. After the 1st part of the round-trip, the ride to the airport, a charge from T&C appeared on my credit card for $98, not the $75 I had been quoted. I questioned the charge and was told the difference was for a gratuity. T&C never mentioned that the gratuity would be added to their fee when I had asked about it, and so I had already tipped the driver 18% in cash. I told this to T&C and got no response. Then I told them a 30% gratuity was excessive, and they replied that it also included a gas surcharge. This was bad enough, but after returning to JFK and using the return part of my round-trip with T&C, another charge appeared on my credit card; this time for $110. I called T&C to have the erroneous charge credited, but was told by the owner that the price he originally quoted me was for 1 way, not round-trip, even though I had asked for a round-trip price. He said he never gives round-trip prices, and he apologized for the misunderstanding. Had he misunderstood my request for a round-trip price quote? And why am I paying for HIS misunderstanding? I questioned why the amount was $110 this time, not $98. He said there may have been an additional 'parking charge'. After checking his records, he offered me a $27 refund, which I refused since the entire charge is fraudulent. I am currently fighting the charge.


f8bb22b8, 2010-01-28, 08:37AM CST

I use Country Limousine Service often. In their defense, they are a very good company and honest. This client is off the mark totally, with what they think quality car service cost these days. Regardless, the price is standard in the industry. It's a fair price for quality service. If they took a NYC yellow cab home from the airport, it would cost over $150.00 one way. Let me just say this, as a consumer if do not ask the right questions and do not compare prices, you should not bad mouth a company when they charge you for parking or a fuel surcharge. After all, they are not in the charity business. If you want a reliable car service, pay the company to do the job. It was nice of them to even offer you a $27.00 credit for what you claim was a misunderstanding. I would have given you nothing...If the company said + gratuity according to your complaint you were charged 20% by the company, which is standard. This would mean you tipped the driver 10%, which is not enough. Drivers always look for extra tips. I give extra many times, but you cannot expect a 10% tip to cover the bill. Fraudulent NOT!

1ec6f589, 2010-03-31, 01:07AM CDT

BFD-you whiney bitch. no one is perfect. this company at worst made an honest mistake. they weren't trying to rip you off. they most certainly do not collaborate with taxi cartel! a government protected and profited from industry. they though have to face the heat of whiners like you that ruin the cost and service of transportation in general, whenever someone complains about cabs or limos for that matter. Its a real shame that everybody on the block has to suffer for what a handful of people do, and even worse, those that step up like town and country and don't bat 1,000 have to be reprimanded by cumquats like you. go take a cab you cunt! maybe ask your mommy why she didn't breast feed longer!

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