Conn's Appliance Center - Conn's Appliances = Bad customer service

Posted on Monday, October 20th, 2008 at 12:56pm CDT by 1fbef79a

Product: Refrigerator

Company: Conn's Appliance Center

Location: 3295 College St


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Around April 2008 I purchased a refrigerator and a gas stove at Conn's Appliance Center on Memorial Hwy in Port Arthur, Tx. I'd had the refrigerator about 2 months and it seemed like the ice maker was not producing ice the way it should. I called the service department and, within a couple of weeks, they sent a guy out to look at it. Which is all he did. He opened the freezer said it's making ice and that's how it's suppose to work. I was disappointed, but I let it go.

Mid Septemper of 2008, S.E. Texas was hit by hurricane Ike at which time I lost power for a number of days. I had NO damage to my home. When the power came back on the refrigerator would not even get cool. So I called Conn's service department.

They first told me that because of the storm it was storm damage and wanted to charge me $75. When the service tech arrived he checked out the refrigerator and discovered the coil had a leak and it had lost all it's freon (wonder if that was the problem with the ice maker).

He ordered another one and told me it would be 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I called back and was told the part was delayed and it would be another week. I called back a week later and was told the part was in and some one would be out between 3 and 5 on the 14th of Oct 2008 (or there about). I took off work and arrived at the house a little before 3. About 4 I called the service department to make sure the tech was coming. I was told he was on another job and could not be reached but that he would be here. At 5 PM I called again. Again I was told that the tech would be out unless he went past 6 PM. I was also told that no one would call me to let me know that they weren't coming. The tech never showed up. Of course, the service department is now closed so I have no one to call.

The next day I called and was told the tech would be out on Saturday. I called back on Saturday and was told I was not on the schedule. Today I called the service department again and was told that I am scheduled for the 27th of October. Another week away, over a month has now gone by and I still have no refrigerator.

This quote is right off of the "Conn's Award winning service" web page:

"Our commitment to you is to be here when you need us. In an emergency, we're even ready to take care of your problem on the same day that you call us."

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b2f70f2c, 2010-10-31, 01:31PM CDT

Same problem. Junk LG refrigerator, no help from Conn's where I bought it. Just two years after i bought it, I JUNKED it due to frequent periods of inoperability. I bought a new refrigerator elsewhere. Because of my experience with LG and Conn's, I have convinced two relatives and several friends to stay away from both LG AND Conn's.

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