USPS - USPS Allowed My Mail to Be Stolen!!

Posted on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 at 12:34pm CDT by c458eec9

Product: Mail Delivery

Company: USPS

Location: Knoxville, TN, US


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The date is off it was some time ago, but the more I think about what happened to us the madder I get..A Friend of mine took me to a Xena Convention for my Birthday..while there we obtained about $100 in Xena merchandise each..since there was so much we were afraid to try to take it with us on our fights so we packed everything up and shipped it to my address..we got delivery confirmation and ins...the day it was suppose to arrive (my Friend had already gone back to Germany and I was suppose to send her her stuff via international mail..) I met the Carrier at the door she seemed shocked and handed me my package then hauled ass back to her mail jeep I immediately noticed my package was opened on one end and our stuff was missing..I chased behind her before she even got off the porch saying "excuse me..Mam..excuse me" I got to her before she could get in her jeep..I showed her my open package and the fact it was empty..she was soo fake in her shock it wasn't funny..she pretended to search the jeep I also looked..I told her there was 10 posters that cost $20 a that was $200 worth of merchandise that was missing..she told me she would do a search at the PO..then she left..I called the PO and lodged a complaint they informed me I needed to come in in person so the next day I did just that..I filed a complaint and also filed for ins. reimbursement..I was denied the ins. coverage because I didn't have any receipts..the next day I found a note in the mailbox from the Carrier assuring me my items would be found soon she practically promised it..I took it to the PO and showed it to the Clerk I also pointed out the tape on the mailing tube had been neatly removed it wasn't ripped off it was cut off with a knife or a pair of scisssors..I told her I felt the Carrier stole my posters because the tube was scanned prior to her receiving my package and it was not noted the tube was opened or the contents was missing..the Clerk agreed her note was suspicious and she kept the note to give to the Post Master General.. I also informed her of how the Carrier actually ran back to her jeep when I called out to her about my open package and my missing posters..Despite my complaints the Post Master General claims there is nothing he can do because there is no proof of the contents worth and no proof the carrier is guilty of theft..I and my Friend are out $200 because of a thieving Carrier and a Postal System which refused to do the right thing..I assure everyone that was the last time I used the Postal system for any type of shipping or delivery..I was living in Knoxville, TN at the zip code if you live in Knoxville, TN and that is your zip code steer clear of Postal delivery!!

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fc12ca62, 2008-12-26, 01:28PM CST

Unfortunately, I was a first-time victim of stolen gifts this year. Several boxes I sent to different parts of the country arrived missing several items and had things replaced instead of the original hand-made/sentimental gifts I sent.

In one case a basil seedling plant was stolen and replaced with a blue book value on motorcycles and ATVs the gift was actually taped back up with this instead! Luckily my family thought this was fishy and called to ask me about it, otherwise I would never have known. This tipped me off to call and check on everything else and resulted in a very melancholy Christmas day as the amount of stolen items grew. (It was my first Christmas living away from home and it really added to the grief.)

It breaks my heart that you cannot trust the postal service. This had to happen here in LA because things were mailed to different locations. At this point it is only my word against theirs, but nothing was worth much retail value just sentimental value, so I declined additional insurance when they asked. When I did so, the postal worker said, Your loss which I guess she meant! Considering I mailed everything way ahead of time and nothing was of much retail value, I thought this was a safe bet.

Since this is a federal fraud, the more instances they find of similar crimes will result in a greater punishment. Any attention you could possibly help me bring to this circumstance would be immensely appreciated, as Im sure I was not the only victim.

Its hard to imagine anyone could sleep at night after stealing gifts with only sentimental value, but I guess anything is possible during these hard economic times.

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