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Posted on Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 5:05pm CDT by 2cee83a6

Product: Sattelite

Company: Dish Network

Location: OLATHE, KS, US


Category: TV, Music, Video

On the 15th of Oct I received a call From Dish Network 1(866) 465-7883. I answered "hello" I was immediately hung up on. A few minutes later I received a another call from 1(866) 465-7883 Dish Network I answered "hello" and was immediately hung up on again! A few minutes later the phone rang again and it was Dish Network again this time I answered in Spanish and guess what they didn't hang up. I asked to speak to a supervisor so that I could get my phone number taken off the calling list. The man was cordial but not very efficient because guess what happened on the 16th Oct I received at least 2 more calls and was hung up on when I answered "hello". After speaking to a supervisor again for the second time in two days who assured me he would talk to his people about hanging up when someone answers in English. today as I sat down to contact Dish Network Directly All I got was a 1800 number where when I ask to speak to a Supervisor they ask Why. When I inform the individual who answers the phone he immediately states it will be at least 30 days for you to be taken off the caller list.Thats when I state thats exactly why I would like to speak to a supervisor, he states there going to tell you the same thing. I guess he didn't like me telling him he wasn't helping me so he placed me on hold for 10 minutes.Oh by the way guess what happened as I was looking for a direct number to Dish Network? you guessed right I got a call from 1(800) 465-7883 Dish Network I answered "hello" and was immediately hung up on. Not more than 1 minute later again they call this time I answer in Spanish an lo an behold they don't hang up. I explain to the the man at the other end that I have talked to someone that from this phone number and requested to be taken off the phone list. I stated to the man why. At this point I am glad the man heard me out even thou I don't think It will stop the calls.

the facts I spoke with a supervisor he either didn't care or he is not effective. Shame on Dish Network.

I tried to contact a supervisor at Dish Network couldn't get one or the phone person could care about whats important to a non customer. He gave the regulations without truly caring about why I was calling. Shame on Dish Network. The sad truth is this is bigger than the line employees that answer the phones the decision to cold call a phone number with a Spanish surname using people that don't speak English (or limited) is a bad practice especially if no one at the phone number called speaks Spanish.( and then your employee's are going to hang up because they can't reciprocate in English). I believe corporation have a responsibility to consumer that they market too. Specifically not to assume that just because someone has a Spanish that they speak Spanish.

I am 4th generation American I learned to speak Spanish at 23 years of age out of necessity. I fought For this country and earned two Purple Hearts in the service of this country. I think I've earned the right to be treated like an American, and not like a third world immigrant who just crossed over. Dish network What are you assuming of me, or my Spanish surname?


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