Hewlett-Packard - HP Will not furbish BIOS update

Posted on Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 11:30am CDT by 93050132

Product: HP Presario F500

Company: Hewlett-Packard

Location: 3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, Ca, 94304-1185, US

URL: http://www.hp.com

Category: Other

My problem stems from HP's customer service representatives. They are rude, impersonal, and have an air of superiority about them. I am a computer technician by trade and have been doing this for over 12 years. In fact I've been working with computers since I was 4 years of age, back on the old IBM PC/XT 8086. I have never... NEVER... had a problem getting a bios update for a product IN MY LIFE!!!! I couldn't download the f.1f critical bios update from HP's web site and no reason was given. I got on the phone with someone... even after explaining I had a customer in my shop, he continued to ask for my info. All I needed was the BIOS download. He could have just e-mailed it to me. No, he couldn't, because of HP's scandalous company wants me to send HP the laptop... most likely pay shipping both ways, AND pay $298 dollars for something I could do in my sleep. EVERY OTHER COMPUTER MANUFACTURER WILL FURBISHED ME WITH ANY DRIVER OR UPDATE I NEED. But not HP... HP makes me sick. And what is worse, is as soon as I got agitated, HP's rep hung up on me. What got my angered, was he kept cutting me off in mid sentence, as if my opinions and concerns weren't even remotely important. After I told him to stop interrupting me, he permanently interrupted me in mid sentence by hanging up. I will never buy another of HP's products... and am now discontinuing to work on HP's units, which will decrease my business by over 50%... not out of spite, but because I can't properly repair something if I can't get what I need to do so. I hope HP likes making working stiffs like me starve and struggle for every dime. How can HP tell their customers, that only they can repair your computer and you'll have to spend more doing that than it would cost you to buy another unit. If my customer were to send HP his unit, pay for shipping.... BOTH WAYS... and pay HP's exorbitant rate... he could buy a brand new Acer Aspire Laptop with better specs and better service and repair record. MicroCenter sells them for $400.


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