DirecTV - DirecTV's horrendous customer service that rips it's customers off

Posted on Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 2:05pm CDT by cf7a916f

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I have been dealing with a problem with DirecTV for 1 1/2 years now. Most recently I filed a complaint through the Better Business Bureau and basically DirecTV has ignored their requests for resolution too. I am so frustrated with this company and I want everyone to know to avoid this company at all cost. They only find any way they can to rip off their customers.

The probelem began when I moved my television set from one room to another and could not get service in the 2nd room. I called DirecTV and their customer service rep said it must be a faulty receiver even though it worked in the other room. She said I'd need a new receiver but that I'd have to agree to a one year commitment of service even though I had already been a customer for 4 years. In short I told her I couldn't agree since I was in the process of moving and could not guarantee my landlord would allow me to have DirecTV which they did not. I was told that if the landlord would not allow it then I would not be held to the one year guarantee.

In the end it did not turn out to be a receiver problem anyway as the new receiver didn't work either. When a technician was sent to my house he discovered that when the service was installed it was not routed to the 3rd room. DirecTV did reverse the shipping charges on my account for the new receiver but when I moved about 4-6 weeks later they charged me a year for early cancellation even though it was never a receiver problem but faulty service at connection 4 years earlier.

On top of that they sent the kit to return the receivers to my old address even though I gave them my new address and then charged me for not returning receivers that I could not return because I never received the Return Kit. I finally got a return kit in June 2008 (a year after I cancelled my servie) and I returned them immediately but they are still charging me for not returning them because I did not do so within 250+ days. They do not even acknowledge that I could not return them because they never sent me the Return Kit. I have documentation all the way back to June 2007 where I've tried to resolve this issue and they have done nothing to correct the problem. In fact, they submitted my name to a collection agent who has now been harassing me for payment that I DO NOT OWE. With the exception of DirecTV, I have excellent credit and always pay my bills in full and on time but they are trying to ruin my credit with through consumer theft and horrendous customer service.

I want everyone to know that they should avoid service with DirecTV at all cost. They are nothing but a bunch of thieves.

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713301f7, 2010-12-12, 10:41PM CST

I have been trying since 10/21/10 toget a credit that I now feel Direct TV STROLED through FRAUD. I cancelled in less than 24 hrs. due to a big lie I was told and they TOOK the amount of $89.98 on 10/27 and also $61.04 on 10/31/10 supposedly for the first mo. but I finally got the $61.04 back on 11/29/10. But the $89.98 I was told was from the order of Direct TV was from a SAT! A CO. I did not kow was a subcontractor. And they don't have anything to do with Direct TV's other moneys, da, (THIS IS THE DUMBEST answer) do they not have to have the same PRINCIPLEs Mike White was SOOO adiment on Boss Undercover. I sent mail to the address I was given FOR Mike White...No answer! Maybe All of us making all thesecomplaints to get together a sue the STEALING-FRAUD activities DIRECT TV does!!!

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