American Online Yellow Pages - American Online Yellow Pages scams companies for advertisement

Posted on Thursday, October 16th, 2008 at 10:10am CDT by 8426b6f4

Company: American Online Yellow Pages

Location: 110 West 9th St. Suite 518
Wilmington, De, 19801, US


Category: Other

This company called one of our stores and spoke to the assistant manager, telling her they needed to confirm our contact info for an online listing, although we never solicited their advertising. She gave them the contact info and they asked her to verify they could post, and she said yes. We then received an invoice for nearly $500 for this listing, which includes nothing but our address and phone number, not even a hyperlink to our website. The employees there are incredibly rude, and they continuously try to scam businesses into advertising with them. They are currently trying to force us to pay them although we never desired the service or authorized the charge, as our assistant managers do not deal with advertising. If this company calls you, hang up the phone.


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f7c23754, 2009-02-20, 05:15PM CST

Our company also has a bill from American Online Yellow Pages for over $500.00 which increases monthly for interest acural for advertising which was not requested by our company. I am looking to report this company's scam to as many government agencies as possible.

a73ec202, 2009-07-24, 09:56AM CDT

A Scam by all means, our company credit card was charged without any authorization nor contract by this "Company".


5e3da783, 2010-11-04, 03:28PM CDT

Correct, and if you get an invoice or a call from their "Collections" or "Attorney" just ignore them and hang up. Nothing they have is binding or enforceable by law; this group specifically makes money off those who pay out of fear for their Credit Score. Here's a tip, tell them you want to be put on the "Do Not Call List", they hang up on me almost everytime right away; but once you say that, if they keep calling, it's an $11,000 fine by the FCC. The only problem I've been having is getting one of their numbers to report to the FCC.

4c0e8f86, 2011-11-22, 10:45AM CST

I just got a call from this American Online (the woman never mentioned it was Yellow Pages online) She said she

wanted to update our info for this year I said No we are not interested

and never had been. She siad we have a signed contrat that will be faxed to you within the hour. Nothing has come yet. Then she said Do you want to be put on the Do not call list? I said

Cancel anything you supposedly have there--I know this is a SCAM She then says Well all you will be responsible for is the $499 for this year!!! We never contracted with them. Do not talk to these people and never say yes to any question as they make up tapes and splice the Yes into them. This company should be fined and the owners put in prison. I am talking with the

Attorney General;s office about this

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