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Posted on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 at 7:32pm CDT by a1ce5220

Product: Private Child Support Collection

Company: Supportkids, Inc

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In October 2007 I applied with Mecklenburg County Child Support Enforcement (the state agency) in Charlotte, NC to register an Order of Foreign Support with the Mecklenburg County Court, which changes the jurisdiction of enforcement of my child support order from SC to NC so it could be enforced since my ex husband lives in NC. During that time we were unsuccessful in locating him until May 2008 when I was able to track him down on my own and give his home address to the state agency.

However, in the time it took them to serve him with the order he moved again and we were once again unable to locate him to have the documents served. In June of 2008 I gave the state agency his employment information as well but they were unable to process a wage garnishment at that time since SC still had jurisdiction over my case and the York County, SC court requires the absent parent to appear in court to give consent for wage garnishment before they will garnish wages. They cannot, however, cross state lines to make him appear in court. Their hands were tied until the absent parent could be located and served with this court order in NC.

Because of this, I applied with Supportkids, Inc on July 3, 2008 hoping they would be helpful in locating him so that he could be served with the order to Register an Order of Foreign Support in NC and the state agency or Supportkids, Inc could collect the child support owed to my children. They promised they would locate him and collect payments on my behalf and, in return they would keep a percentage of each child support payment they collect to pay for their services.

I provided Supportkids, Inc with my ex husband's employment information, SS#, cell phone number and last known address and my application was accepted on July 7, 2008. The following day they contacted him and his employer and verified said information. According to their records online, they proceeded to call him again the following day and left a message on his voicemail and again on August 6, 2008.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the state agency was able to locate him on their own and the order was served on him at his current address on the same day I applied with Supportkids, Inc. I wasn't made aware of this fact until I received a letter in the mail in late August, along with a copy of the court order, notifying myself and the non custodial parent that as of August 8, 2008, an order had been entered against him, jurisdiction had been moved to NC and his wages were subject to garnishment immediately.

This letter also had a copy of the Affidavit of Service which is how I know it was served on July 3rd. On that same day, August 8, 2008, the state agency was finally able to file the wage garnishment because the order was entered in NC and they had the jurisdiction to do so. On August 20, 2008 the first payment was received in the amount of $140.00 by North Carolina Centralized Collections in Raleigh, NC and another payment of $140.00 was received by the same state agency on August 25, 2008. I did not receive either of these payments.

At the end of August I found out that the reason I did not receive those payments is because Supportkids, Inc had intercepted the first payment and applied it to my account with them on August 26, 2008. The following day they applied the other payment I didn't receive to my account with them as well.

I immediately contacted Supportkids, Inc via their client response unit at (512) 437-6001 and explained the situation to the client advocate who took my call and was told that I would need to send any requests for refunds or termination of services to their office in writing via their PO box, fax or email. I complied with this request and sent a letter explaining the situation once again, a copy of the court order which shows the date it was served and the date it was entered into record with the Mecklenburg County courthouse in Charlotte, NC, a letter from my case worker at the state agency in NC detailing their timeline and verifying that they acted on information I had provided to them personally and information they had obtained independently without any assistance from Supportkids, Inc.

I was also informed by the case worker that the state agency never deals with Supportkids, Inc at any time. They do not act on information or requests received from Supportkids, Inc nor do they communicate with them at all. At the request of Supportkids, Inc, I also included a payment history from the state agency showing the payments intercepted by Supportkids, Inc were initially collected by NC Centralized Collections. I then sent all of this to Supportkids, Inc via the US postal service, email and fax to ensure they received it in a timely manner. My account online was updated on September 8, 2008 with a message that they had received my request and would review my case and respond.

During this time they proceed to contact the non-custodial parent twice, harassing him to pay them directly even though his wages were already being garnished each week by the state agency and I had asked Supportkids, Inc to stop calling him since the state agency was handling it and their services were no longer required.

On October 1, 2008, my account online was once again updated to reflect a message stating:

After careful review of your case, the terms of the contract for services you have signed and your request to terminate service, we have concluded there is not sufficient cause to cancel your contract. You will receive a notice of this decision in the mail."

On October 2, 2008 I called Supportkids, Inc for an explanation and spoke with Casey, who refused to give me her last name or an operator ID but assured me she is the only Casey who works as a client advocate. I asked Casey to transfer me to the supervisor who denied my request to discontinue their services and was told that the supervisor would tell me the same thing she was going to tell me so I should speak to her instead.

I asked Casey why was the request and evidence I sent not sufficient to close my case with them and she stated that Supportkids, Inc is in fact garnishing the non custodial parent's wages themselves and that's why they wouldn't cancel. I informed her that the wage garnishment was not being handled by Supportkids, Inc but by NC Centralized Collections as I stated in my letter to them. She put me on hold to verify the information she was giving me and came back to inform me that the reason NC Centralized collections were garnishing the wages is because Supportkids, Inc had sent the request to do so on July, 29, 2008 and that's the reason they intercepted the payments and refused to close my case or refund the $280.00 they obtained from NC Centralized Collections.

I tried to explain the situation to her and she then asked me why I applied with Supportkids, Inc on July 3, 2008 if the state agency had already located him and I explained that I wasn't aware of it until the order was entered on August 8, 2008 and the notification was received in the mail in late August. She also asked why the state agency didn't garnish his wages before I applied with Supportkids, Inc if they had already served him with the necessary documentation, to which I replied because they didn't have jurisdiction over the case in NC until that document was served and entered as a judgment in the court in NC, after the mandatory waiting period for the noncustodial parent to respond to the request to transfer it from SC to NC.

She continued to argue that Supportkids, Inc was directly responsible for obtaining payment from the absent parent and refused to close my case. I asked her to transfer me to the supervisor after all and was told that no supervisor was available but I could leave a voicemail. She transferred me to the voicemail and I left a message requesting a call back before the end of business to rectify this situation or I would file a complaint with the necessary authorities. I have not received a call back as of yet.

After leaving the message with Supportkids, Inc, I called the state agency in NC to get the date they sent in the wage garnishment forms and was informed that it was filed on August 8, 2008; the same day the judgment was ordered on the absent parent at the courthouse. I asked if they had received any request from Supportkids, Inc that may have prompted them to do this and was told that they haven't received anything from Supportkids, Inc and was once again informed that even if they did, they would not act on it because they do not deal directly with Supportkids, Inc and they would only process a such a request from myself. I was made aware that the wage garnishment could not possibly have been filed before August 8, 2008 because the court in NC had no jurisdiction to enforce the order from SC until this Order to Register Foreign Support" was confirmed by the court on August 8, 2008.

When I signed up with Supportkids, Inc I had every intention of letting them keep the initial payment of $475 for the case development fee and the percentage they would take from each payment for the work they would do in locating the absent parent and collecting support from him. However, it's not fair or ethical for them to keep money they had no part in collecting. I provided them with sufficient evidence to prove that the state agency was able to secure payments on their own but they still refuse to refund the $280 they intercepted from NC Centralized Collections on my behalf or close my case with them.

Each time I call them about this matter I have to wait on hold for at least 15 minutes or more and am treated as if I'm an outright liar and dismissed and ridiculed. After I signed up with them and realized they were intercepting payments they had no right to, I began to research them a little more online; something I wish I had done before ever dealing with them. I found I'm not the only one they are preying on and I'm sure I won't be the last unless some kind of action is taken to regulate and monitor them more effectively. In hindsight, I would have never signed up with them if I had known that they would turn it over to the same state agency I was already working with. I certainly don't see a need to pay an initial fee of $475 and 34% of each payment as a payment processing fee" for them to intercept payments from the state agency that the state agency collected on their own, and then forward them on to me.

Supportkids, Inc's claim that the state filed the wage garnishment as a direct result of the request they claim to have sent in July is invalid because there is no way any NC agency could have garnished his wages before the Confirmation to Register Foreign Support Order was registered on August 8, 2008.

Given the fact that the state agency chose August 8, 2008 as the date to file for the wage garnishment, it should be obvious that it was because that's the day the order was finally registered and NOT because of some letter they received from Supportkids, Inc. Even if they had acted on that letter.... ask yourself, is a couple of phone calls and a letter to an agency asking them to do something you've already asked them to do yourself really worth $475 upfront and 34% out of EVERYTHING collected after that? I don't think so.


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89a146a1, 2008-11-12, 09:19AM CST

I also wrote a letter to cancel my case and they told me I didn't have enough cause to close my case. I would like to know is there anything I can do for them to cancel my case.

e11f5df9, 2008-12-23, 12:24PM CST

I told wrote a letter requesting to cancel my case.

30fc8e50, 2009-01-13, 12:08PM CST

My situation wasn't quite like yours but I signed up with them in 2000 and they didn't get any $ for me until late 2001. On top of that I was getting $50 and they still took the fee out of that so I was getting a measly $33 every 2 weeks. I tried cancelling twice but to no avail it hadn't been a year(it was almost 10 months I went without getting a dime). They told me that I couldn't cancel. I even went so far as to tell them I wanted to post a comment about them not working on my behalf. They told me I couldn't do that. They are a scam I agree with you taking poor people's money. Why do I have to spend money to get money. It makes no sense. If all the parents rally and get together maybe we can come up with something. Something does have to be done about this.

56399029, 2009-02-26, 05:23PM CST

i just hired support kids for my case and they want me to sign a direct deposit to them. should i?

bf14e0dd, 2009-06-16, 01:06PM CDT

I have the same problem. my daughter is now 20, working, and lives with her father he takes care of all of her needs. I wrote a letter to cancel supportkids for my daughter and they will not let me cancel!

Is there anything that can be done?

Denia Dudley

608ef0ff, 2009-07-07, 01:35PM CDT

Can someone please HELP!!!! I can not even get my support payments from Support Kids. It has been FOUR months and they have not sent any payments even though my NCP has been paying. I can not get thru to Support Kids at all! If you are having any problems like mine Please contact me at


I would love to talk to you and support eachother regarding this nightmare.

f5d3e80d, 2010-04-23, 05:34PM CDT

i thank you guys for your comments on this. i had wanted to use them years ago for my sons father and something told me not to after i saw that they were charging you for what was owed to you and i refused! I got on the computer today to do it and this popped up. Thank the Lord for small blessings!

2f733d88, 2010-06-07, 10:09AM CDT

The only way I was able to get "away" from Supportkids was I am a resident of Virginia. The State of Virginia successfully sued Supportkids and was able to release my account with them. Maybe your state's attorney general will be able to file on your state's behalf, too. Otherwise, you have to "buy" your own money back (pay them all the fees expected to be collected) in order for Supportkids to close your case. My hope is that VA is able to recover the fees that Supportkids kept, since VA was able to prove that they broke laws. I believe that their next step. Good luck!

c3f4463c, 2010-10-14, 04:37PM CDT

I D.Davidson am a victim of this scam also.I filed a claim with supportkids a year ago 10-26-09 and all I have gotten from them is 243.15 outta the 6058.15 they where supposed to collect. I have written four letters to them asking to close my case because this is very inconvient to myself and my child.The only response I get back is they have more time to collect on my case.I also went to my court hearing 2wks. ago and asked the judge how to close my case with supportkids,I was told to hire me a lawyer to get me out of this contract because it sounds like a scam,he's never heard of this program and they have NO RIGHT to COLLECT on MONEY that's alredy COURT ORDERED.

857aafdf, 2011-10-11, 08:56AM CDT

I had dealings with Support Kids for several years and they stopped looking for my ex. The state actually did more for me than support kids did.

I had not recieved payment in a year, so I was able to terminate my case, I presumed they would send this notification back to the state - they did not.

The few infrequent checks which I have gotten, went to an attorney's office in the northeast, and they were taking up to 3 weeks before processing a check to me. Trying to contact them has been impossible, called the 800 number to the attorney office and stayed on hold for over 90 minutes and STILL had no one pick up the phone. Have sent emails with no responce!

Beware - read and watch all things well with them!

c5f5a615, 2011-10-21, 09:46PM CDT

Iam a father that is being targeted by support kids.My court order child support case was closed due to my son leaving with me back in 1999.His mom under handedly went to support kids to get money since her case was closed.She took him back to live with her in 2002.Received a garnishment in 2006 from support kids.when i contacted them i was told that they were hired by the state of missouri to assist in child support enforcement.Which was a lie.I payed for 3 years with out a clue.My sons grandmother informed me that out of the $250 i was sending he was only getting $68 dollars.Due to fees wow!i hired a attorny to get to the bottom of this.She was told support kids sold my case to a Richard Braun and assoc.Which i found out they and support kids are one in the same.They did however leave me alone until Feb 2010 I started getting letters again wish i ignored.Then i received a phone call on October 20 2011.Man by the name of Hawkins call to tell me i owed $38,000 dollars.We argued he told me i was a dead beat and hung up on me.Anyone that knows a way to stop this let me know.

bebb6c57, 2012-03-25, 08:12PM CDT

you all are just cheap i also am a support kids client the state has done nothing for me and support kids have they deserve their persentage and fees for all the hard work they done just because ur state or county finally stepped up and did something so what u signed a contract with support kids you owe them for their services its your childrens money not yours be glad that they are there to get any money from dead beat moms and dads for your children SUPPORT KIDS IS NOT A SCAM!!! you dead beat parents with the kids are CHEAP!!!!!

5d0bd499, 2012-06-09, 08:07PM CDT

SUPPORT KIDS is A SCAM and the ass-hat right below is a employee of them.the same thing happened to me i had to get a lawyer after them i got a full refund and a Lil extra.

5d0bd499, 2012-06-09, 08:10PM CDT

SUPPORT KIDS is A SCAM and the ass-hat right below is a employee of them.the same thing happened to me i had to get a lawyer after them i got a full refund and a Lil extra.

c28c1247, 2012-10-22, 09:17PM CDT

I agree, whoever that was IS an ass-hat! My ex husband, father of my 21 year old daughter, grandfather to my three year old grandson, is still being harassed by whoever SupportKids sold my account to...I don't know because I haven't gotten any letters stating this fact, I learned this from my ex. I was contacted by someone about three years ago, saying they received my request to close my case with them, which they denied. I told them that I told him not to send anymore money to them and to ignore there threats. They informed me that I had a contract with them, at which time, I requested a copy of said contract. They promised to send a copy of they contract...haven't heard from them since.

Question: Should I be the one to contact my attorney general or an attorney to get out of this contract, so they will leave my ex alone? Or should he do it? I really don't think my husband would be willing to pay to relieve my ex-husbands stress.

Jennifer H., 2013-07-19, 02:42PM CDT

I have worked with my state agency for 13 years without any success. I just started a contract with SupportKids last month. I hope that I don't have the terrible outcome that you all have had. However, I would be willing to pay them a percentage. Because in my case 100% of 0 is still 0. If I even get a small percentage of the nearly 40,000 he is behind then I'm doing better than I have been for the past 13 yrs.

Hedgeybet H., 2016-02-02, 07:44PM CST



ps..I am also talking to lawenforcement about Support Kids, who are looking at the criminally


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