Burger King - Bad Food, Bad Service,

Posted on Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 at 11:57am CDT by 1c09dcd1

Product: Burger Kings new Swiss, Mushroom and Beef sandwich and Onion Ring Orders

Company: Burger King

Location: 1060 W. Caro Road, Caro, MI 48723
Caro, MI, 48723, US

Category: Other

My son took us out to Burger King in Caro and we had to wait for almost 35 minutes for them to get the order ready. They said they gave him a extra large order of onion rings for taking so long but when we got back to my son and daughter-in-laws house the "Extra Large" order consisted of 9 onion rings. My onion ring order was a small order and who would have guessed that the Once Great Burger King is so hard up for money that it only puts 5 onion rings in their small orders. The burgers we got were the the new Swiss Mushroom and Beef that look so good in the picture however in reality they look like CRAP! The Burgers were Burned, everything was everywhere and it tasted as bad as it looked. I will NEVER go to burger king again and my son who happens to be a professional truck driver is so angry he is not only NEVER going back but is going to make sure every trucker knows how bad the food and service is at burger king. I took a picture of the NASTY burger and plan to hang it on my wall to remind myself NOT to go to burger king again.


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