Ross Dress For Less - Ross Dress For Less --- A store that treating their customers like thefts

Posted on Monday, October 13th, 2008 at 2:07pm CDT by b7a7e385

Company: Ross Dress For Less

Location: Tukwila, Wa, US

Category: Other

On March 10, I bought a set of four place mats and other stuffs at the Tukwila, Washington Ross Store (Store# 0044). For some reason the machine couldn't recognize the bar code of the place mats at the time I checked out. Therefore, the cashier scanned another item with same value as the place mats instead. However, I didn't realize that since both of the item cost the same.

On March 31 afternoon (around 16:20 pacific daylight time) I tried to return the place mats at the same store in Tukwila. Nevertheless, the sale associates at the customers service counter, Todd and Senada, told me that I couldn't return it since it isn't listed on the receipt. I explained the story to them, but they even not tried to listen to me and grabbed the place mats then tossed it behind the counter. I negotiated with them, yet they insinuated that I never be able to prove I paid for the place mats since it is not listed on the receipt. Finally, I leave the store only with the receipt.

Such thing never happened at other stores like Marshall and TJ Maxx in my experience. I felt that I was being insulted and I believed your company should provide better customers service training to the sale associates. I can say 90% of the customs won't check the bar codes number and the name of each item on the receipts upon the payment. How the sale associates, Todd and Senada, could insinuate that I stole the place mats and tried to get advantage from the store? Do you think it is worth to get advantage from the store for only $3.99? In addition, it might possible that I brought the wrong receipt (even though I am absolutely sure this is not the case). How could the sale associates, Todd and Senada, grabbed the place mats which was belong to me and tossed it behind the counter just because it was not listed on the receipt?


c458eec9, 2009-06-30, 12:01PM CDT

Well duh dumber then a box of have their merchandise and no proof you paid for it..they had every right to take back the mats and if you ever grow a brain next time a cashier tries to scan something different then what you are purchasing because they have the same price you should say "no, if I need to return these for any reason I wont be able to..please do a price check!" stupid (ie both you and the cashier)

8e4b5c92, 2011-03-26, 10:04PM CDT

I shop at this Ross a lot and have had to return things once or twice and had no problems. Of cours I didn't have the receipt problem you did. I agree with you though for $3.99 no one going to through the trouble of a returning and itme they didn't purchase. Though a some one who is a scammer might try returning a $3.99 item under these cirmcumstance to set up a policy where they could return a more expensive item later. If I was the manager I would offered you a store credit of $3.99 like they usually do when no reciept is present.

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