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Posted on Sunday, October 12th, 2008 at 6:09pm CDT by f9ee57cc

Company: Target

Location: Flatbush Ave Atlantic Terminal
Brooklyn, NY, 11217, US


Category: Other

I have been stuck in the Target elevator on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn for 2 hours today with my 2.5 year old and my 3 month old. As I only planned for a short shopping trip to the store I had only an apple with me and lunch time was approaching. The apple was quickly gone and my 2.5 year old was telling me every 10 sec that he was so hungry. As the parents in your company should know, it is not an easy job to keep your little ones waiting for a few minutes not even talking about hours.

Not only has no one in the store made an effort to keep me calm during those hours by talking to me and keeping me updated. The manager of the store did not even apologize properly when I was finally rescued. He mumbled something I didn't understand and went away.

Would not you at least expect a proper apology if you were a customer there? It is not like I was stuck for 5 min. We are talking 2 HOURS.

The only people that were trying to help were the people on the facility management hotline you can reach when calling for help in the elevator. And this company is not even working together with Target anymore as they informed me. But apparently their store in Brooklyn has not even been able to redirect the help call from their elevators to the right company.

Is this the way you should treat a mother with 2 kids or any human being? Is this the way you should treat a customer who shops at that store every week? This is just unacceptable.

I have also been trying to talk to someone on their hotline as no store official in the store was hearing me out. I was in the queue for 1.5 hours without any luck. Is that supposed to be customer service?


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b3de41c2, 2009-12-12, 07:51PM CST

UNBELIVEABLE INDEED! BOYCOTT TARGET!!!Target doesn't provide customer service! It's more like CUSTOMER ABUSE. A

Small wonder they don't have an email address for complaints...much less a store address on their receipts to send a letter of complaint.

Here was my LAST BAD EXPERIENCE shopping at Target:


Was actually *YELLED*AT* by one associate for sitting on the counter. Explained that I have a disability and *NEED* to sit down. And this SECOND visit was because the clerk didn't pack all my merchandise on the first trip two days prior.

Called immediately when I got home & discovered the oversight. What pure folly! After multiple calls and transfers, they located the missing items, but couldn't figure out how to avoid having me stand in yet another epic line to pick them up. Ended up disconnecting me, so I gave up for two days. BIG MISTAKE.

They put my PAID FOR , ONE-OF-A-KIND MERCHANDISE back on the floor and sold it again. So, all I could get was a refund. That's why I was sitting on the counter! Waiting for the refund!

And after all their blunders, they gave my original receipt to a security guard, effectively trapping me at Customer Abuse. Apparently, he had to go perform a "camera check."

I asked THREE associates what that was. No one could explain it, much less tell me how long it would take...which is when I sat the end of the counter where no one was working. That's when I got *YELLED*AT!!! And that's when I crossed Target off my shopping list permanently...

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