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Posted on Sunday, October 12th, 2008 at 8:32am CDT by 88da73f0

Product: RW786EA

Company: Not Available

Location: TR

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I gave my HP Pavilion 6143eu notebook pc to HP Service on 23/09/2008 because of several problems on it. When i gave it, i've been told that i'll be contacted by them in following 4-5 days for approval of a case if my product would need a repair which causes by user mistakes. I gave all my numbers, address, e-mail on the delivery form what my and HP workers signatures are already on. But, i didn't receive nothing in following 13 days. In an addition, i was checking the situation of my notebook in service by their web page by typing my product's serial and model numbers. And in these controls, i always saw that it was written that my notebook was on repair. In 13th day, i received an e-mail from HP Turkey what was telling that they didn't start any repair on my notebook because of they did not receive any approval by my side. Then, i called their call center and explained all these to their call center worker. She told me that i had to give a Fax number when i deliver my notebook to them to be contacted by them for approval. I said that i was not told like this in delivery day by their workers. However, she said to me it is the only way for approval. I said that i don't have a fax number and i want them to send this article or whatever they will send, by e-mail to me. She said, they cannot send it to "Hotmail" or " Gmail" e-mail addresses. And she wanted an organisation or company-firm e-mail from me. And i told this kind of e-mail to her, and she told me that i'll receive this e-mail soon. In following 4 days, i received nothing from them and called them back. I told all these things again to another call center worker from Service. He again wanted a Fax number from me, and i said all same again, and when he checked my informations on their system, he confirmed that i had given that firm e-mail and he was going to send this e-mail very quickly to me for my approval. i did not receive anything from them again. I called Service call center again in the same day at approximately 17:30. I explaned my situation again and again. And they said that i have to give a Fax number obligatory. first, i didnot accept again , because of having no Fax. Then i gave my sister's Fax number. It was a few minutes to the end of their working hours. I asked, if they can quickly send this fax to the number what i gave for approval. She said to me that she will try to do it. But, as usual i didn't receive anything from HP Turkey again by even Fax until 18:30 in the same day. However, in the following hours of the same day ( 10/10/2008 ) i got a sms to my mobile from them and e,mail to my "Hotmail" e-mail address. I've been told that because of they still didn't receive any approval from my side, my notebook is now out of time for repair. And, i can take my non-repaired notebook with charge of 20$+taxes . i could not call them back because of working times finished. I really can not believe their attitude to their customers and of course to me. I read many articles in internet which i cannot know if they are true or fake, but many people from Turkey have serious complaints about HP Turkey Support Service. I'll be very glad if i can get a help by your side. Thank you very much for your interest.


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3923a27f, 2008-10-21, 09:40AM CDT

I also have similar problems with HP support Turkey. The agents do not behave friendly and have no solutions to your case. HP has lost all its reputation on my side. I hope to get a payback now, since my Pavilion 6189 is being repaired for more than 30 work days..

105505f4, 2009-02-10, 09:30PM CST

I just had the most wonderful experience with HP service centre. I bought a HP DV5 Pavillion while I was travelling in Turkey and since then I have had problems with it. I left it thinking I will get them to fix it when I reach melbourne. However by experience was not satisfactory, They say they cannot service or repair it because I bought it in Istanbul and I need to contact Hp in Turkey to fix it. I thought it was a global company. I came across your artical searching for the HP Istanbul service desk number.

Wish me luck, I dont even speak turkish so its going to be fun.

Warm Regards,


88da73f0, 2010-03-19, 08:56AM CDT

After a long time, i remembered that i had written a complaint here :) i want to tell the result.. with all these unconditional events, i wrote many complants to wherever i fo?nd on internet.. but i can tell that, the answer came after i wrote here.. i had written a complaint to HP Global Service also.. but finally, approximately 15 days after i wrote my complaints to everywhere, HP Service called me and told it is unavaliable to repair my old laptop, and they could give me a new laptop.. i was told the model of the new laptop and check it from internet for the feauters.. i liked the new machine which is obviously better than my old one:) and i accepted the offer.. i thank to complaints.com ..

after this duration, i think HP made a big mistake on factoring of the ex-model pavillions, which caused many problems.. and they had to make an announcement and re-collect the ol machines and change with the new ones.. a global sompany as HP shpuld have done that in this way..

thanks to all.. i wish good luck for all as i did :)

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