Goodwill Industries - Goodwill, not so good.

Posted on Sunday, October 12th, 2008 at 1:06pm CDT by 7e074a1e

Company: Goodwill Industries

Location: MERIDIAN, ID, 83642, US

Category: Nature, Environment

I have donated boxes upon boxes of nice stuff when we moved. Most boxes were carefully labeled. One was dropped off at the donation center and I didn't realize until about a week later when unpacking, that one of them was a box full of papers from my desk. We're talking file folders and accordion folders, full of birth certificates for my kids, and social security cards. What did they do with them? Throw them out that night in the compactor. Did they hold it waiting for a call, or try to call the person who's personal information is splattered all in there??? No. Not once. Never, ever again will I donate. Ever.


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80b857f4, 2008-10-28, 07:31PM CDT

Yeah dont. They are crooks here in Pa. The Keystone Industries Goodwill. They do not care, if its not something they can steal or put on the floor to make more money they just toss in the trash, even good items. They just want the valuables. Its a sin they did not think for one minute and call you thinking there was a mistake, they know it happens. Its just ignorance.

3431359e, 2010-03-09, 05:03PM CST

Seeing as I work for Goodwill Industries I have seen some donations that do have very personal information.

Ranges from countless Identification Cards, Social Security Cards, and maybe once I saw a Pink Slip for a car.

I have also seen credit cards, checks and bank statements.

To my understanding the way it is handled is by giving whatever private information like that as above, and just give it to the manager at that time. Management gives it to district management who gives it to the Campus to properly dispose of them.

How it is done, no idea.

But I have always respected the privacy of our donors.

What management does is beyond me.

782867ec, 2010-10-20, 09:08PM CDT

And Why would Goodwill be at fault for your mistake?

You should have been more careful.

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