Window's Unlimited - Window's without Warranty

Posted on Saturday, October 11th, 2008 at 4:54pm CDT by 89771164

Product: Great Lakes Window

Company: Window's Unlimited

Location: 120 Clairton Blvd. Rte.51
Pittsburgh, PA, 15236, US

Category: Other

When I purchased my home, I decided to get replacement window's in groups of 1-3, as I could afford them. Starting with three in the front. I did not purchase the extended warranty,because they came with a, "Factory Lifetime Warranty". The extended warranty covers parts and labor after 2 yr's of installation. So when one of my window's showed signs of between glass leakage,(after 2 yr's of installation). I happily paid the $80.00 service charge. Then when 2 more of the window's showed signs of leakage; I thought it would make good business sense for this company to wave the service charge. Especially since I have 4 more window's to buy. But they refused, so I will purchase the rest of my replacement window's somewhere else. Great Lakes Window did send me the replacement glass n/c; but they have no window frames around them. Just 2 double panes of glass. So if someone were to purchase my home, the "so-called, Factory Lifetime Warranty" would only cover the gass. No vinyl frames or hardware. Although these companies honored their warranty to the letter. The quality should have been there to prevent problem's.


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