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Posted on Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 7:52pm CDT by 4972239e

Product: Ink Jet Printer Cartridges


Location: 107 Commerce Street
Lake Mary, Fl, 32746-6206, US


Category: Other

This was our first and undoubtedly the last ink cartridge order from

Indisputably, all of the cartridges we received were defective in one way or another. Obviously they were 'recycled junk', not in a condition to be placed back into recycling.

Like the hundreds, if not thousands of other complainants, we experienced the same problems and disregard from

Although has garnered a slew of consumer complaints, they are still in business of ripping off consumers. They advertise extensively in order to lure new victims, promoting attractively low priced 'junk' and the poorest quality of merchandise.

All those thousands of consumer complaints can't be an exaggeration without validity.

However, posting your frustration on various web sites is not going to bring results. It's like knocking on a deaf person'door. is now famous for their fraudulent business practices. They are drawing the wrong kind of attention all over the internet, but their deceptive practices will not stop until they are slapped with a court order.

Their registered office is based in Lake Mary, Florida, which is under the jurisdiction of Orange County, Florida.

The Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit will investigate your complaint about the unfair and deceptive business practices perpetrated by and attempt to secure a just resolution to your problem.

Here is how to contact The Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit

On the web:

By Phone: (407) 836-2490

By email: [email protected]

You can also contact any or all of the following authorities:

The Florida Attorney General's Office on the web at:

Your State's Attorney General's Office

Your County's Office of Consumer Affairs

The Federal Trade Commission at: as the federal mail order rule requires companies to give customers the option of a full refund if their order doesn't arrive on time.

Although is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, regardless, you can let them know about their appalling business practices.

If you paid by credit card, call your credit card company immediately and have the charges disputed and reversed.

Remember to hold on to your invoices, receipts, correspondence and any other pertinent information. Always document your phone calls with date and time, even the unanswered ones. The more proof you provide the authorities with; the stronger your case will be.

That's not the way to do business, and we as consumers must take the appropriate action to stop it. is a company to be avoided at all costs.

And if you come across with other websites posting complaints about be sure to share this information.

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f8cb5947, 2011-10-01, 10:28PM CDT

I made a first time purchase with clickinks and it will be my last. I ordered a ream of printer paper and the package was used and the whole outside covering was torn on both ends as if it was already used. I also ordered ink and it didn't last at all. The price they showed for the ink on their website was not the same price they charged' The ink cost more then what they were advertising and when I questioned them, they came off with this ridiculous excuse. As for the paper,they exchanged it and the replaced package was also torn. I will never deal with these people again. Buyer beware!

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