T-Mobile - Beware of T-Mobile Easy Pay

Posted on Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 2:48pm CDT by 6aa4ea5f

Product: T-Mobil ecellular phone service

Company: T-Mobile

Location: Customer Relations P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque,, NM, 87176-7380, US

URL: http://www.t-mobile.com/

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On September 18, 2008 T-Mobile debited my bank account $318.61, $47.62 was a legitimate monthly service bill the remaining $270.99 was a restocking fee for a replacement phone that I never received (my phone is under warranty). They'd sent me the replacement phone in June and when I went to UPS to pick it up the box was not taped, damaged and empty. I refused delivery and immediately called T-Mobile, the representative assured me that there would not be a restocking fee for this phone, and sent a second replacement phone to me. I got that phone several days later and returned the defective phone per the instructions sent with the replacement phone. I have the UPS tracking print outs for both phone orders and spoke with four different customer service reps. and a customer service manager between the 18th and the 26th of September when I went to a local T-Mobile store to try to resolve this issue. Each of these people acknowledged that I'd been billed in error, each person could view the UPS tracking and acknowledged that I did not receive two replacement phones. It appears that customer service can only request the refund, another department, The Cash Refund Team, actually approves and issues the refund, this department has repeatedly denied my refund because the return tracking label in the box was not used. Since the 26th of September I have been working with a sales manager at the local store and to date October 10, 2008 I still do not have a refund. Unfortunately for me, I did not actually have $318.61 in my bank account at the time that T-Mobile debited my account so I have been charged another $175.00 in bounced check charges and another $50.00 in returned check fees from two other companies where I'd written checks and they bounced. I am now $495.99 behind with no end in sight. I speak to T-Mobile every day and cannot get past the customer service people to a person that actually has the authority to refund my monies to me. I have discontinued my EASY Pay option, but this can take up to two billing cycles so it is likely that eight days from now, my bank account will again be debited for my monthly service, sadly, there will not be sufficient funds to cover this debit so I will again be charged returned check fees and T-Mobile will probably suspend my service for non-payment. To make matters worse I have 12 months left on my contract so I will also be charged an early termination fee of $150.00


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053fa7b1, 2008-10-28, 11:15PM CDT

I am in the very same boat! Let me know if you get anywhere !

18b5d712, 2009-09-23, 12:51PM CDT

Hey, I can relate but my story is a little different. I signed up for EasyPay and was told it would take another billing cycle/month for it to take effect in the system. Instead, it took effect two days later and my account was new and I hadn't even had a chance to set up direct deposit at my job. The night that I set up Easy Pay, I paid my bill in full, for some odd reason, T-Mobile took an extra $60 out of my account and it sent my account into overdraft. I didn't find out until a week or two later from my bank. So I then called T-Mobile to figure out what was going on, they told me that my Easy Pay had taken effect. I told them about the representative whom I had spoken to who told me it would take a billing cycle or a month for it to kick in, but they told me that was wrong. So that day, she said she had removed the Easy Pay and it shouldn't debit my account again, but it continued to debit my account two seperate fees until the month of April. Now, my account is overdrafted by over $500 and T-Mobile said they never received money from my account but my bank has papers that shows where they received money from my account. I have no clue of what to do besides getting legal. From February to now, of this year, I've been faxing them my banking statements, they repeatedly tell me that they've received nothing and that my case was closed. Since they've destroyed my bank acocunt, I've had to move out of my apartment, wasn't able to pay bills, and everything tied to that bank account that I had set up, had to come to an end. The best I could tell you is file a lawsuit. Speak with a counselor or lawyer first, then make your move, T-Mobile has the worst services ever, my phone cuts off when it wants, my services freeze up, my texting service turns off and charges me, my favorite 5 charges me, and most of all, they always have World Blackouts, or that's what they call it. Good luck to you!!

633d7ab5, 2009-10-20, 01:39PM CDT

I had the same probelm with t mobile easy pay.They took the payment out of my bank account than thet turned my phone off for lack of payment they said.they lost the payment and they told me i would have to make the payment again while the lost payment department looked for the payment.I sent them my bank stateament 8 times bc they kept saying they never recieved it. The follwing month when the bill was due they took the money for the payment out of my account again after I had done cancelled easy pay the month before. The money was not there so I got charged a overdraft fee. Than t mobile turned my phone off again for lack of payment they said when I called them again. they had lost that payment too!! It took 5 months of calling every day and having my phone turned off every day by their computer (they said they could not stop the computer from turning it off!!) They finally found the payments thank God!! But it took long enough!! I will never suggest that anybody become a t mobile consumer!!

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