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Posted on Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 11:22pm CDT by de885cdf

Product: autek spray booths

Company: autek spray booths

Location: 4655 118th AveN.
clearwater, fl, 33762, US

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BE AWARE OF AUTEK SPRAY BOOTHS. Tom kimball sold me a zonda spray booth that he claims is high quality. I have pictures that prove different. He also said he would stand behind his product in which he will not. I have a live video of the booth before it ever come of the truck with several people at the time of arrival. The pic's will show rust,so many dents to even beleive and missing parts he left off intential. My father has cancer and we can't even work to make a living so if any one wonts to see pictures,video,emails,and talk to people that were there call me and i will gladly show u all the facts. This guy in an email told me to simply wipe off the rust and treat to my satisfaction,can u beleive on a 35,000 dollar booth he would say that,what a business man. He also expected me to buy the rest of the booth then he would send me the rest of my parts but still wouldn't make the other rusted,beat up panels good.So please if u are even considering to buy a autek booth think twice i no from experience it ins't worth the time. My father has been in business for over 35 years and never once has treated a customer like this man has treated our family it has put our family in a finacial burdan. I contacted Zonda in china and they said they would make it good but it has been over a month and nothing yet. They said they could only press kimball to make it right but nothing yet. I have spoke with other booth companys and the have run into this type of problems on these booths and said to me good luck getting any help. So if anyone has any info just email me at [email protected] and maybe if enough of us consumers stick together we can stop dishonest people from taking advantage of other people. Thanks for your help and spread the word BE AWARE OF AUTEK SPRAYBOOTHS


83979b26, 2008-10-31, 06:58PM CDT

Hi I am thinking of bringing one of these booths to australia to use (direct from zonda ) what parts were missing and what was rusted out could you get the booth running and did it work once you got it running

b5146096, 2009-11-19, 07:07PM CST

I paint in an AUTEK booth at work. There is not much that can rust on one of these booths because they are manufactured mostly out of aluminum. However, the large duct-work for the air make-up system, including the vanes for controlling air flow and pressure are made of steel. Some of those steel parts are galvanized, and some are not. The shafts on the vanes are not, and after only 4 years of service they were so badly rusted that they could no longer function to control air flow or pressure. I would like to hear from others who have this same issue. You may contact me at [email protected] (written 11/19/09)

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