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Posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 at 8:30pm CDT by 447c2fbb

Product: Indian Travel Agency

Company: Travel India travel & tours (

Location: Nodia, UP, IN


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Travel agency with website (aka: Travel India Travel & Tours) is complete Fraud

Presently, I am working in USA and the travel agent (Abhishek) was paid in full for my international as well as domestic connecting tickets a month back (USA-India-USA)

He booked the tickets and then after 2 weeks cancelled it. He never informed me about cancellation, luckily i checked the status online and came to know about it. Then I asked him to re-book, which he did and it got cancelled again the next day. He never informed about the cancellation and i had to check it online and inform the travel agent about it.

WHen i asked about refund, he is giving me hard time for it asking to fill a form in which i cannot take any legal action against his fraud practice, if I do, he has the right to forfeit my money. He is no longer replying to e-mails or phones

Now, I have to pay $400 extra as i got my tickets booked at the last moment and that also could not get the original travel dates.

I have complete documentation to support all of above


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