Whirlpool/Jenn-air/Maytag - Never Buy a Jenn-Air Oven!

Posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 at 6:36pm CDT by 07518497

Product: Jenn-Air JJW8330DDB Wall Oven

Company: Whirlpool/Jenn-air/Maytag

Location: US

URL: http://www.whirlpool.com/

Category: Other

The electronic controls of my oven went dead. I called a service technician. He said I needed a new part #74008806. After waiting for two weeks for the part and continuing to hear "the order is in process", I called and was told that the order is on "back order" and is not available until October 30th. This means that I will be in without an oven for over 6 weeks. I am going to have to cancel several dinner parties, and find an oven to borrow to make 400 cookies for another commitment I made. Whirlpool rep says "this sometimes happens". I bought a Jenn-Air, supposedly a top line for Maytag for dependability and ease of service. Maytag repairman are only lonely because they can't get the parts! By the way, this oven is only 3 years old.

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b42c8556, 2009-09-30, 02:24PM CDT

I'm disgusted with Jenn Air/Whirlpool! My oven is 8 years old and the control panel isn't working. I've been trying to get a new part for months (back-order!), but apparently they aren't making the part anymore. I just found out from a parts store that Jenn Air listed the availability as Feb. 2020!). Obviously Jenn Air would rather have me buy a new oven than fix my current one.

It's pathetic that the control panel and circuitry are so poorly designed that they fail after a few years. I found out that appliance manufacturers are only legally required to keep making parts for an appliance for up to 7 years. After that, they prefer to have the customers buy new appliances so they stop making parts.

I wish I had known that Jenn Air oven circuitry has such a short life (apparently my problem isn't unusual). I definitely would buy an extended warranty on any oven with electronic parts. And Jenn Air is the last brand I'd purchase in the future!

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