Harvey Norman - No Refunds Given for whatever reason.

Posted on Sunday, November 9th, 2008 at 11:46pm CST by 207a7804

Product: 3 seater swing

Company: Harvey Norman

Location: Bennetts Green.
N., 2290, AU

Category: Other

I Purchased a 3 seater swing, as a gift,

but realized it was too big for the patio, my Son had built. Tried to get a refund and was told "Harvey Norman do not sell goods, to be refunded, for whatever reason". I tried to explain the situation to the Manager, but was told no refunds are given. I have the receipt and the box was NOT opened. I was very unhappy with the Manager's attitude, so I phoned Harvey Norman Head Office. The lady I spoke to was very polite and said she would ring the store and see what she could do. I was told, I would get a phone call from the store, which I eventually did receive, several days later. Manager said they would take back the swing, but would take 20% of price of goods for cancellation fees. That amounts to $99.00. I believe this is "highway robbery", as I know they will re-sell it for the original price.

Do consumers have any rights here?? I believe I am entitled to a FULL refund, as the box is UNopened and I have the receipt. Can anybody help me to get the refund??


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