General Electric - GE Cafe Gas Range

Posted on Sunday, November 9th, 2008 at 9:26am CST by 07dc0b46

Company: General Electric

Location: US

Category: Other

I bought a GE Cafe gas range in September 2008. The first one delivered was dented and not installed by the delivery guys; they said they would send a new one. The second one had a bottom drawer that would not latch closed. The service guy told us that's how they are supposed to be, but I checked a floor model and they do have a positive latch. The second service guy said this is a common problem and would have a new range sent to us. The third range had surface scratches all over it. The fourth does too; unfortunately my wife didn't notice them until the delivery guys were gone. The fifth one had huge gouges on each side as well as scratches on the top and front surfaces. The store then said they would inspect the next one before shipping it, and we received the same range again as the fifth one! So much for pre-inspection. The store has offered to give us a cash credit back or pick a different brand. We've elected to keep getting ranges until we get a keeper, because we really like the features of the range. GE has completely distanced themselves from this, saying the damage is from shipping or delivery, which it obviously is NOT. I honestly don't care how many ranges they send us; we don't disconnect the old one until the new one is here and I inspect it outside. No skin off my nose.


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