Posted on Sunday, November 9th, 2008 at 8:20am CST by e08a6f01

Product: Parcel Delivery Services

Company: FedEx

Location: US

Category: Other

FedEx has to be the worst Delivery service anyone could use, the person that is making the delivery does not work for FedEx and the prompt delivery of your parcel is not their priority, once the delivery person lied that I was not there and the delivery could not be made, this last time the delivery was noted as: Future delivery requested, By whom they don't even know how or by whom the request was made by and they have the nerve to ask me to provide:

- The complete names and addresses of the shipper and recipient.

- Telephone contact number

- Package detail/package description (contents), this is the worst company that anyone could deal with, poor custome service and they don't even really care, UPS or USPS is the best companies to have any parcel shipped take it from me I spend a couple of hundred dollars a month on shipping and FedEx won't be getting a penny of that ...



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