Posted on Saturday, November 8th, 2008 at 11:37pm CST by f5cb66a5

Product: colleen hamlin


Location: ROYAL OAK, MI, 48067, US

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I just wanted a burger. I NEVER go to Burger King. Every time I do the service is lousy and the food mediocre at best. Tonight I just wanted a burger and Burger King happened to be on my way home. So I got a Whopper Jr., sat at the drive through window for what seemed like forever to get my cold onion rings and burger. Two bites into my food, I notice a BUG on my bun!!!! I show it to my boyfriend to confirm that it is not a piece of charred burger but a REAL BUG. He confirms that it is a fruit fly and it's quite dead. Needless to say, I can't eat the food. There is no e-mail on the Burger King site to write to complain to, which is a joke, because now I have to spend more money to mail them a letter or drive back to the store with the burger in hand. All for a $1 burger? What a crock. Burger King needs to step it up in all aspects, food quality, customer service, store cleanliness...everything. I will never return to a Burger King after this.


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