SAMSUNG - Shocked by and so disappointed with SAMSUNG refrigerator and its customer service

Posted on Friday, November 7th, 2008 at 2:13am CST by 48720ee1

Product: SAMSUNG refrigerator BCD-252MIVR

Company: SAMSUNG

Location: Tianjin, NU


Category: Other

I'am a Chinese customer, I've bought a SAMSUNG LCD TV, a SAMSUNG washing machine and a SAMSUNG refrigerator in Tianjin, China. I did believe this brand at that time, but now, I am so disppointed by its customer service, the poor and dangerous refrigetor, and I will not touch any SAMSUNG product any longer.

I bought a SAMSUNG BCD-252MIVR refrigerator in Dec. 2006, and then I found it emitting some kind of irritant and disgusting gas even if I put nothing in it. I communicated with the customer service in early 2007 and they told me to clean it and put some apples or oranges in it. But after I've done all of these, the disgusting smell is till there. I have to admit I made a mistake, that I shouldn't believe SAMSUNG would help me dealing with this problem, now I realize what SAMSUNG did is just delay me to beyond their deadline of withdraw policy and then put-off their responsibility. They even don't want to appoint an maintenance man to my home and check the fucking refrigerator. They just tell me they can and will do nothing to my refrigerator and I must frequently clean it myself if I cannot bear that disgusting gas.

What SAMSUNG has done to me disappointed me deeply. I will not believe any SAMSUNG product and I hate this company. I'll persuade every friend of mine not to buy any SAMSUNG product!!


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