Caribou Coffee Corporate Offices - Caribou coffee corporate DOES NOT back their products

Posted on Friday, November 7th, 2008 at 10:38am CST by da3b71dc

Product: Coffee specialty drinks

Company: Caribou Coffee Corporate Offices

Location: Minneapolis, Mi, US

Category: Other

"Caribou corporate does not care about your dollar as long as it is in THERE pocket!!??? Good to know in these tough economic times... I recently have had bad drinks from a few locations and since I go there every day and get the same drink I ought to know when it is not a good drink. When I also pay over $5 for that drink I expect (which is not what the corporate office expects..) to get quality. When you go there every day you have many good drinks and some NASTY ones. I always thought though especially in this economic time that I am entitled to get what I order and pay for, this is not the case through Caribou corporate. I have complained before and gotten a few drinks free and only complained when it is was absolutely legititimate but please read the following letter which I received from Caribou on 11/6/08 via email and you can see their %$#^& concern for me as a consumer. Now remember I have gone and told them about an employee who didnt??t make my drink correctly and then scraped off the top inch of the drink handed it to me and said ??he had remade it?? which is an absolute bold face lie and when I wrote them that did they respond, no nothing, not a word except this letter which you can see does not say much for the me the consumer! And there were various other times where this same thing happened, now when you are paying over $5 for a specialty drink you order it are you NOT supposed to get what you order? And when you dont DID YOU KNOW THAT IT IS YOUR FAULT ALSO???? I THINK THAT SINCE CARIBOU BELIEVES WE ARE ALL A BUNCH OF LIARS TRYING TO GET A FREE DRINK ON THEIR BUCK (EXCUSE THE PUN, CARIBOU..) THE NEXT TIME YOU GET THAT nasty DRINK OR CUP OF COFFEE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL THEM AND ASK THEM TO REPLACE IT FREE. See they do not believe their staff makes any errors or are accountable so maybe it is time we LET THEM KNOW!!!! See letter now below direct from Caribou Customer service.

I have shared your concerns with the district managers and the director of operations of these locations.

I am sorry that we are unable to satisfy you as a guest. When looking through past correspondence with you I know that you have experienced many issues and we have made every attempt to compensate you and rectify your concerns. However it seems we are unable to meet your needs.

Going forward we will not be able to offer you any compensation and appreciate and respect your decision to visit our competitors.

Thank you again.



Customer Relations Specialist

Caribou Coffee Company

AT least they wish you well in going to the competitor!!! that is big of them.


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