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Company: RUEHL

Location: Greenwich St

URL: http://RUEHL.COM/

Category: Other

Mr. Jason Rosser


720 Fifth Avenue, Eighth Floor

New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Rosser,

Today my husband and I had a most unpleasant experience in your Burlington, MA mall store. We believe it is important that you know how both the retail and Customer Service people are treating customers like us.

Two weeks ago we purchased both a women??s and a men??s fragrance at $34 each. We loved the scents and were thrilled with our purchases until we tried them out at home and came to the sad realization that both fragrances lasted only for a short time, whereas the sample sprays lasted all day. We were very disappointed and decided they were not worth the $64 we had paid for them.

We carefully boxed them back in their original packaging, and with the sales slip intact, drove 20 miles back to the mall to request a refund. We never anticipated a problem. We were wrong.

The store manager rudely informed us that it is ??store policy?? that fragrance is not refundable. We were never told this upon purchase, nor is this stated on the sales receipt.

We inquired further and were given the Customer Service phone number of 866-357-0925. First Laura, then Ashley kept repeating that they were sorry, that this was ??store policy?? and referred us to paragraph four of your sales slip where it says that the store manager has the right to refuse a refund. We became very frustrated with this insensitivity to our dissatisfaction with our purchase. We asked for a contact at Ruehl who had authority over ??store policy??, and we were given your name and address.

I am a licensed Aesthetician in Massachusetts and have been in the service and retail cosmetic business for 22 years. I would never treat a customer as we were treated today. What is your attitude about encouraging repeat business? What about ??the customer is always right??? In my experience I have found, and statistics prove, that if a customer is satisfied they tell a few people; if they are dissatisfied, they tell a large number of people.

My husband was the Office Manager in a retail store for years. He would treat every customer with the utmost respect, and no customer would ever leave without being completely satisfied and happy.

We are very unhappy to have to take the time to compose and write this letter; it should not have been necessary. Initially we were very impressed with your store and the pleasing scents of your fragrances. We are now most unhappy and dissatisfied, and we are requesting a full refund of our $71.40, including tax. We trust you can help us, and this will be the end of the matter.


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704474a2, 2008-11-22, 06:58PM CST

Mr rosser,

I feel you men. i had the same experience about refund. They F manager just give attitude, she being a B. I was told to fill out the information slip which required adress, name,phone# I refuse to fill out. she said she can't give me my refund.

What a B%^%$! I am so mad then call to customer service. They said it is all up to the manager they just help me file complaint> SO, i asked them does complaint help me get the manager fire, they said NO. can you believe it.

I HATED A&F, RUELH AND HOLLISTER. they are all same Gay and Bt&&* staffs. terrible customer services. Why there are crazy people out there love there overpricing cloths if you look at there style. it the same shit every years.

One day i will go in there and piss them off really bad. make me satisfied.


sorry for my language i am too piss off .

I can see they will be bankrupt soon.

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