Posted on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 at 9:55pm CST by 0d962bac

Company: LIRR

Location: US

Category: Public Transportation, Taxi

My complaint is about the LIRR and their Peak and Off-peak ticket policy. I think it's absolutely ridiculous and unfair. If you buy an Off-peak ticket and you are on a Peak train, you BETTER pay the surcharge or get off the next stop. If you have a Peak ticket on an Off-peak train, you are just told "oh, next time buy Off-peak", you don't get any money back. This is a great way for the MTA to rack up on a SURPLUS! They reported a surplus not too long ago and still decided to hike up the fare. Seems like all they do it take for loyal commuters. I get heated every time I see this happening; I think its time people took action.


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