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I purchased a Sony reader im May 2008. In August, I lay in bed reading it, using the left hand corner control tho turn the pages with my left thumb. Afet reading about 40 pages of War & Peace, I turned off the Reader and went to sleep. The next morning, when I woke, I turned on the Reader to continue reading. The screen would not function. SONY have said I damaged the screen. I asked how? With my left thumb turning pages? They refuse to accept that the reader may have a flaw... a soft spot that destroys a chip. Customer relations will not even discuss the matter. I have since discovered a second owner with the same complaint. How can we get SONY to accept our complaint, and listen to us?

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710cbd2a, 2009-09-16, 08:23PM CDT

I am certain that Sony couldn't care less. I downloaded the software update 3.0 to my reader, as SONY recommended, and immediately the library locked up. Hours and hours and HOURS on the phone with no resolution. The tech finally guided me through and reset my reader. NOW I have no books at all on the reader, and they don't know why it won't work.

Their solution? Send it in and if they can't find the problem, they will send me a refurbished unit as long as I send in the purchase receipt.

The problem? If I can't produce the original receipt (it was a gift last Christmas), they will not honor the warranty, even though the product was registered when I received it. Even though the problem was caused by their software, and even though THEIR tech had me wipe the reader, I will now have to purchase a new reader.

I would rather lose the $$$$ I have invested in the books than give Sony another dime of my money, EVER!!

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