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Posted on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 at 4:19pm CST by b6edffdd

Product: phone service

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: across from the Dayton Mall, on 725 (Miamisburg-Centerville Road)
Dayton, OH, US


Category: Other

I have came into the Verizon store multiple times in the past year and been helped by a man named Chris. Every time I have gone in there it has been the worst consumer experience I have ever had! Each time I have came in with an easily fixed problem (I've come to find out later) and he has told me there is no way he or Verizon can help me. He is rude and refuses to help customers. I have tried to get in touch with the store manager to complain, and they never answer the store phone. I ended up calling customer service and filing a complaint. One of the times, he told me I would have to call technical support and request a new phone be mailed to me. I got very upset, since I'd only gotten the phone 2 weeks before, and on my way out another employee noticed how distressed I was. He immediately took me aside and got me a new phone within minutes, for no charge. This was because I was still under warranty, and Chris didn't even care to find this out. The next time I came in I was forced to be helped by Chris again, having difficulties fixing my volume settings on my phone. After making me stand around for 2 hours, he told me there was "nothing he could do." He sent me on my way, yet again acting very rude. I ended up finding out later from a friend that there was a simple option in the phone menu that had to be changed to fix my problem. The third time I went in for help I requested to NOT be helped by Chris, and yet again he was the only representative available! My phone was freezing and not showing me my missed calls or text messages. He YET AGAIN told me he could not help me and that I needed to go home and download a software update, and if that didn't fix it I would need a new phone. Frustrated, I gave up and didn't use my phone (it's a Blackberry Pearl) for several months. Finally I gave in and got on Verizon's website to download this upgrade. Since I couldn't find it, I called technical support. The nice man on the phone told me all I had to do was clear the cookies from my phone memory!! I have tried many times to go to the verizon website to find a place to share complaints, but to no avail. Also, when you call the customer service helpline, it is impossible to find a person to report problems with representatives to. No one from Verizon seems to care at all when a customer has problems with their employees. As soon as I can, I am planning on changing my (and my family's) phone service to a different company.

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c21f0aff, 2009-06-14, 02:55AM CDT

You can complain to a customer service rep at the 800# about poor service you recieve in a store. (EVEN if it's a store manager.) Just let them know the name of the rep, the store etc. It does get sent to the proper person for investigation.

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